AC’s Residential Living Laboratory at Perth Campus


What is the Residential Living Laboratory?
The Perth Residential Living Laboratory is a 1600 square foot building commissioned by Algonquin’s Applied Research and Innovation department. This laboratory will be used as a collaborative space for students, faculty, research partners and industry to conduct world-class applied research projects in support of driving innovation in the construction sector. The laboratory will be located at Algonquin College’s Perth campus.

Why design a laboratory for applied construction research?
Modern technologies are re-shaping the building industry. New tools and devices are changing the life cycle considerations of building design, construction, operation and renewal. Mobile devices are enabling new and faster modes of interactions between people. These technologies bring promise of improved performance and productivity, but place new demands on people and processes. This shift presents a growing opportunity for applied research and Algonquin made a strategic design to build a dedicated space in support of these activities.

ResidentialLivingLab1Who designed the laboratory and who will be constructing the laboratory?
The laboratory was partially designed by AC students in the Green Architecture program, bringing their winning elements into the final conception and drawings by GRC Architect Inc. The structure will be built by AC students in the Advanced Housing Program at Perth and will run through the upcoming academic year with the official opening scheduled for spring 2016.

Is there something unique about the building design?
Innovative construction materials will be used for the insulation, the window technology and solar film. The goal is to construct a carbon-neutral building with the potential to return power back to the grid.

Are there applied research projects currently underway?
The debut Applied Research projects will leverage the full life cycle of the construction of the laboratory to collect data for use in analytics and evidenced-based decisions. Research findings pertaining to innovative materials and enhanced processes that improve productivity will be reported back to local construction partners.

Is Applied Research and Innovation looking for project proposals or partners?
Yes, with the laboratory slated to be ready this coming spring, this is the perfect time to submit project proposals.

For more information, contact Kerry Milford, the Project Manager at Perth Campus.


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