Research Centres


Design Centre

The Design Centre supports applied research projects in the area of User Experience (UX) design in collaboration with industry partners in the Ottawa hi-tech sector. Our goals are to develop new applied research capacity at the College for the benefit of students, faculty, staff and external partners, and to assist partners in the implementation, improvement, and commercialization of their products, services and processes via cutting-edge UX design.

Project Examples:
Carrot Search Engine User Interface/Experience
L8Ron (formerly L8Rcall)

For more information, please contact: John Omura (Project Manager)

Full Spectra Centre

Full Spectra Centre (FSC) has a core focus on technologies and processes that harness wave-phenomena, especially, electromagnetic waves. The majority of FSC activities assist the development and commercialization of technologies in ICT and photonics. This includes ‘traditional’ ICT and photonics as well as emerging and inter-disciplinary technologies directed to ‘non-traditional’ market niches such as medical and security applications. The FSC was created in response to regional to industry trends and aims to help catalyze innovation in partner companies.

Project Examples:
Buried Cable Perimeter Security System
Board Management System Beta-Prototype

For more information, please contact: Theo Mirtchev (Project Manager)

Health & Wellness Research Centre

Algonquin College’s Health and Wellness Research Centre leverages the College’s existing educational and research strengths in Health and Community Studies to develop highly trained personnel and stimulate job creation and economic growth. Our goals are to enhance student training and preparedness for the workplace, further develop faculty skill-sets and assist entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large companies to develop and advance innovative technologies, products, and processes and services within the Health and Wellness industries.

Project Examples: 
#FlashForward Youth Outreach
Automatic Tracking System and Personal Trainer

For more information, please contact: Kevin Holmes (Project Manager)

Construction Research Centre

Construction - Alex and Minister at CA118 openingThe Construction Research Centre has two main themes to help support the construction industry: To improve evidence-based decision making in building design and to develop collaboration tools to better connect people in the industry and improve process efficiency. The first theme includes the use of digital building sensors to measure how well a structure performs so that the information can be used to improve plans and designs. The final result of a build can be measured to see if it behaves as it was intended and different techniques and materials for a construction can be compared quantitatively to see which is the best and most efficient. The second theme focuses on connecting the participants in an extensive and diverse industry through mobile technology; large enterprises down to the individual contractor can be connected together to communicate design information and change orders in a fraction of the time traditional approaches take.

Project Examples:
Solar Decathlon – ECHO

For more information or book your tour for the Construction Research Lab, please contact: Alex Yang (Project Manager)

Applied Research at ACOV (Pembroke Campus)

Muskrat_Lake_2014Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley (ACOV) has recently launched applied research initiatives through Algonquin College Research Enterprise (ACRE) with the goal of enhancing experiential learning opportunities for Algonquin College students and stimulating community growth within Renfrew County. ACRE has already procured up to 7 applied research projects, and currently underway is a partnership with the Pikwakanagan First Nation Algonquin Way Cultural Centre (AWCC) located in Golden Lake, Ontario. These projects will be undertaken with the goal of assisting the AWCC in becoming a sustainable social enterprise, offering Algonquin College students “on-the-ground” experience, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and re-connecting Algonquin youth to their cultural traditions.

Project Examples:
Lake Bottom Sediment Sampling on Muskrat Lake

For more information, please contact: Julie Sylvestre (Project Manager) or visit Pembroke campus Applied Research website

Applied Research at Heritage Institute (Perth Campus)

The Algonquin College Perth Heritage campus builds on the strengths of its small town setting. the Perth Heritage campus offers a high quality education in a friendly, rural community. Programs at the campus have been designed to fit the recognized labour market needs that are in demand locally, throughout Ontario and across Canada. Offerings such as Construction Carpentry – Advanced Housing, Carpentry and Millwork – Heritage, Masonry – Heritage and Traditional, Social Service Worker, Personal Support Worker, and Office Administration – Executive, provide students with the opportunity to learn and grow, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in today’s challenging markets.

Project Examples:
Residential Laboratory
Heat Exchanger

For more information, please contact: Kerry Milford (Project Manager) or visit Perth Campus Applied Research website