Information for Faculty

If you enjoy leading students to succeed, working with the latest technologies and staying connected with industry partners, you are the Research Faculty that we are looking for. Join us today!

Michael Ballard
Professor, Geographic Information Systems program
Christopher Elliott
Professor, Engineering Technology ­­– Computer Science program
Patti Church 
Professor, Business Administrative and Business-Marketing programs
Wahab Almuhtadi 
Professor & Coordinator, BIT – Photonics and Laser Technology program
Emily Johnson, Linda Philp and Su Cheng Lee 
Professors, Interactive Media Design program
Adam Jarvis
Professor, Interactive Media Design program
Richard Leigh-Bennett
Professor, Marketing Research and Business Intelligence program
Susan Thompson
Professor, Mechanical Engineering program
Ilya Golub
Professor, BIT - Photonics and Laser Technology program

Professor Participation Process

Guide students in their path to success through facilitating and leading research projects with real world applications. Enhance your teaching skills and expand your portfolio through professional development and participating in the development of new technologies, tools, and ideas.

Your Role In Student Success

“Professors are guides, we lead students to the resources they need to succeed. While we help them find the initial path to success, the goal is for them to learn how to then blaze their own trails.”

Stanley Pieda
Professor,  Information and Communications Technology

“One of the best things about being a teacher is the ability to open up doors for students – and having them participate in Applied Research is an excellent way to do that.  It is never an easy task to find a job, and for a new graduate to be able to leave college saying ‘yes, I’ve been there, I’ve had real-world experience’ is one of the most useful doors we can open for them.”

Adam Jarvis
Professor,  Interactive Media Design