Information for Students

As a student it can be hard to find work experience outside of the classroom. The Office of Applied Research and Innovation can give you the opportunity to work with real clients on real industry developments within your field.

Team for Futuro Soccer Academy Website Design and Development 

Runner-up ARI VEB (Voucher for E-business) Project at Applied Research Day 13.0

Stephen Noynay & Mannat Luthra 

Applied Research Day 13.1

Matthew Boyd & Anna Trojanowska (What I Give 4 Project)

Applied Research Day 13.1's Second Place Project 

Gul Shahzad Sarwar explaining i2b2 Research Data Warehouse

Applied Research Day 13.1

Students observing other projects

Applied Research Day 13.1

Student Team of BoardSpace Project

Applied Research Day 13.1

Team members of EDMS Dental Definitions Project

Applied Research Day 13.1

Team members of RCbenchmark Project 

Applied Research Day 13.1

Saul Lagarda explaining the Disaster Recovery Vehicle Project

Applied Research Day 13.1

Science Without Borders - Brazilian Students 

Applied Research Day 13.1

Students gain major skills such as:

  • Developing client relations
  • Applying knowledge to real-world projects
  • Developing interpersonal skills by working on a team
  • Further developing the ability to solve problems professionally

Student Participation Process

Student Testimonials

“My experience with Applied Research was very rewarding. I felt that my team was well chosen and that the role I played was important and valued. As a team, we were able to take an idea and make it into something tangible, and that is a great feeling.”

Anna Trojanowska
Student, Graphic Design Program

“My experience with ARI has helped me grow both personally and professionally. It has provided me with great insight on design and develop ideas plans in a supportive environment that encourages me to take chances and grow.”

Christopher James
Student,  Interactive Media Design Program

“ARI helped me enhance my industry experience and learn the best practices. The knowledge that I gained from working on ARI projects are quite invaluable, and I continue to apply them successfully in my other projects.”

Shoaib Khan
Student,  Mobile Development Program