• Fall 2015:  Do you need to do an export/import process from a course located at to a new one at Follow the steps in this pdf file or check this video for instructions on how to do it.  New in the Fall 2015 Semester: The “Course Copy” option has been turned on! Check this video for instructions on how to use the “Course Copy” function and also on how to do a Grade Center clean up after the course copy (helpful when you end up with lots of duplicated columns).
  • Fall 2015 courses have been downloaded from Genesis and created in Blackboard at this temporary address:
    Please Note: New courses are currently only visible to instructors. Any content that you might be adding to your 15F course(s) will be saved and kept during the transition to, on August 28, at noon. Students will have access to their 2015 Fall courses after noon on August 28th. Please make sure that you make the 15F courses available to your students before your first class. Course Start-Up FAQs
  • Summer 2015: Content Collection will be available in Blackboard in time for the start of the Fall 2015 semester. What is the Content Collection?
  • Summer 2015: Blackboard will be upgraded over the summer to the “2014 October Release”.
    Read more about the new features and enhancements in this release.
  • Spring 2015 courses have been downloaded from Genesis and created in Blackboard. If you are scheduled to teach a Spring course, it will appear in Blackboard under  “My Courses” on the “Home” tab. Please Note: New courses are currently only visible to instructors;  make sure that you make them available to your students before your first class.
    Course Start-Up FAQs
  • Blackboard Drive:  Click the operating system link to download the install files for Blackboard Drive: Windows 64 bit Blackboard Drive, Windows 32 bit Blackboard Drive,  Mac Blackboard Drive
  • Fall, 2014: Blackboard has upgraded from BB 9.1 SP 11 to BB 9.1 SP 14. Check out the exciting new changes, including online (inline) grading and one-stop date management.
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  • Blackboard has an app! Blackboard connects to various mobile devices through the new Blackboard Mobile Learn application.
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  • Turnitin, a plagiarism and digital marking tool, is  available via Blackboard.
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  • Try Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate Live!) Classroom and Video Conferencing – now available in each course under Course Tools. Read More