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International Business Management Grad Spotlight

Another School of Business graduate from our International Business Management graduate certificate has landed an exciting internship. Eric Agyemang is this year’s EDC-FITT intern. The position will have him assisting his small business solutions team connect Canadian exporters with EDC products to help these exporters grow their international business. Eric says he chose the International Business … Read More


6 Tips and Tricks for New College Students

The toughest thing about starting college is knowing how to make wise choices – critical decision that lead to success. These 6 tips and tricks can help to set you up for a strong first-year experience. Go to class. There is a reason this is number one. College is an amazing experience, but you can’t stay … Read More


10 things to avoid when building your LinkedIn profile!

It’s natural to feel unsure about a professional social media network like LinkedIn. It’s a place where people in all industries can go to build relationships with their colleagues and demonstrate their experience and expertise. It’s also a place where businesses and organizations can show off their work to prospective clients, customers, and even future … Read More


Flugtag Anyone?

The Algonquin Airborne Aces – Red Bull Flugtag Challenge The School of Business’ very own Alex Mahon, a current Business – Management and Entrepreneurship student is serving as team leader for The Algonquin Airborne Aces, in this year’s Red Bull Flugtag Challenge. Alex, along with his ace team members, Akil Alyacoubi, Vincenzo Marcantonio, and Kevin … Read More


What good is a work placement?

This is a question that comes up time and time again. The answer is simple. Work placements, working with live clients, field placements, work partnerships, clubs, co-ops and competitions are an essential part of how the School of Business extends your learning experience beyond the classroom. There has been a lot of media coverage lately … Read More


There’s still time to apply for Fall 2013!

You may hear it, bzzzzzzz. There’s a real buzz around campus this time of the year – a buzz of excitement and nerves! Many students are coming into the School of Business looking for information on programs, thinking that they are too late to apply for this Fall. Their nerves subside when they realize that … Read More


School of Business Students Receive Prestigious Internships & Awards

The School of Business is proud to announce the following achievements by our grads: Megan Malone, International Business Management (IBM) 2012, has won the cross Canada competition for the annual one year EDC/FITT Internship award with the Small Business Group at EDC in Ottawa.    Megan is returning to Canada after completing a 9 month internship with as … Read More


MBIR Student Wins Al Blankenship Award

Graham Pressey of the Marketing and Business Intelligence Research Class of 2013 is the winner of the Al Blankenship Award, an award given annually by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). The award in 2013 is for $125 and is given by the MRIA at its annual conference, which is taking place in Niagara … Read More


3 Tips for Group Work

There will always be one group from your Algonquin College School of Business program that you will remember. Now this group might have been the best group, or the worst group. Depending on the nature of the project, group work is usually beneficial to learn and prepare for future employment. Every group member has different … Read More


The Right Choice

Although most students are completing their study break and returning to the half-way mark of the winter semester, prospective students are beginning to decide where they want to go in the fall and what programs they need to take. Given the variety of programming offered by Algonquin College and the School of Business, the options … Read More


Top 5 Job Searching Strategies for Students and New Grads

Are you wrapping up your time at Algonquin College School of Business and thinking about your future? It’s probably time to start thinking about looking for a career related to the business program you’ve spent so much time studying. Job searching can be tough. In many ways it’s almost like a full-time job! You need … Read More


3 Time Management Tips for Students

Time management is an easy concept to understand and hugely beneficial if properly undertaken. But like anything else, it’s easier said than done. Do you feel like your productivity levels can be improved? Organization plays a huge role in that. Do you sometimes get so overwhelmed that you don’t know which task to even start … Read More


Student Blogger: Adam Brescacin

Here’s a little blog from one of our students! Hello fellow Algonquin students: Just like all of you, I am currently weathering the storm of midterms that comes before the oh-so needed reading week. This year, I will be graduating from the Office Administration program, with a double diploma in Legal/Executive. Being an experienced student, … Read More


Spotlight: Algonquin Accounting Club

Life on campus isn’t all about studying and homework, there are many ways to get involved, make new friends and network. Algonquin College has many clubs on campus for students in all faculties, including the School of Business. This article shines the spotlight on one of these clubs. Name of your club:  Algonquin Accounting Club … Read More


4 Tricks to Study Better

We all hate it, but we all have to do it. There are many ways to study. No single way is completely the right way as every person has different learning styles and preferences. Some people prefer memorizing chucks of text, rather than understanding it (it is not the good way of studying as you … Read More


Career Networking Fair February 12 + 10 Tips for Career Fair Success

Don’t miss out on Algonquin College’s largest on-campus recruitment event! The Career Networking Fair is being held on Tuesday February 12 from 11am to 3pm in the Gymnasium. The fair features over 50 employers with full-time employment opportunities for graduates and soon-to-be graduates, as well as summer employment opportunities for students. There are many opportunities … Read More


Still Time to Apply for Fall 2013 Business Programs

The Twittersphere was exploding yesterday with happy future Algonquin College students sharing the news that they had received their Offers of Admission for Fall. We’re just as excited and looking forward to welcoming everyone in September! February 1 was the equal consideration application date. That just means that all applications received before February 1 would … Read More


Times Flies

Whoever first coined that phrase was certainly correct. It’s amazing that January is now past and students are beginning the 5th week of the winter semester. Some students are focused on the end of term but many more, I think, are looking forward to the winter break which begins in two weeks. For many students in … Read More


Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Imagine being able to showcase your resume and portfolio to everyone you connect with. Wait — you can! That’s the power of LinkedIn’s new profile layout — now you can add videos, presentations and files alongside your digital resume to showcase your skills and accomplishments. You can link to files in the Summary, Education, and … Read More


How to Apply for College

September seems so far away when we just celebrated the New Year, but it’s already time to start thinking about applying for college! A key deadline for applications is February 1, 2013. This is the equal consideration date to apply for programs that start in the fall. Why is February 1st Important? If you want … Read More


Competitive Advantage

Saturday, January 19 marked the Winter Open House at Algonquin College, managed by the College’s Recruitment team. The School of Business area was manned by faculty volunteers, arranged and coordinated by our amazing Marketing Officer, Laura Campbell. One of the activities was for prospective students and their parents to attend a panel discussion of current student and … Read More


Get Connected to AC Biz: Info Session Series

Have questions about our programs? Want to learn more about what it’s like to be a student in the Algonquin College School of Business? Join us for one of our FREE Info Evenings and explore your career options! Why should you explore a career in Business? Because EVERYTHING is a Business! From the corner store … Read More


Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Waselnuk

Meet Brandon Waselnuk. Brandon is a graduate of the two-year Business – Marketing program. He is currently working as a User Experience Manager at IBM. Sounds cool right? His job involves: Development and management of a User Research program across the world Business and Marketing strategy and implementation of a User Experience training program Evangelism … Read More


Advance your Career with a Graduate Certificate Program

Ready to put your career into overdrive? These short, specialized, and highly career-focused programs are designed to enhance your skills and give you the knowledge and experience you need to take your career to the next level. WATCH>>  Industry Professionals on Algonquin College Graduate Certificates  Why should you take a Graduate Certificate program at the … Read More


Dean Dave: A new year begins at the School of Business

The new school year (or new term) began on January 7. For most students, it meant the return to their studies after a well-deserved break over the holidays. For a smaller number, it meant the beginning of a new school year. Algonquin College and the School of Business offer several courses that begin in January … Read More


Did you know you can earn a DEGREE at the School of Business?

Did you know you can earn a three or four year degree at Algonquin College? There are many advantages to completing your degree program at the School of Business. Hands-on learning At the School of Business you get a hands-on business education and practical career training. Our degree programs give you extensive and comprehensive business … Read More


Come on in – our doors are always open

Winter semester is in session and the School of Business is bursting with eager new learners and seasoned returning students. It was nice to walk through the bustling campus yesterday and feel the energy coursing through the halls. Truth be told that energy was a probably a mixture of excitement and fear. Algonquin staff, who … Read More


Periods of Transition and Finding your Voice

To be heard. To be seen. To be connected to the world and people around us.  Sounds simple… right? Whether you are finding your voice in the traditional context of singing or writing, or trying to find your voice as a member of the human race, the process is long and full of stumbling blocks.  Take … Read More


How to Get Real Experience for Real Life Careers

Business theory is one thing. Business reality is our thing at Algonquin College. As a student, you’ll go beyond theory and gain the practical skills employers want. At Algonquin, we believe in providing our students with practical education and experiences that set them on the fast track to career success. We do this a number … Read More


Analyzing Your Career Options

Are you systematic, well organized and deliberate? Do you appreciate facts and information presented in a logical manner as documentation of truth? Some people are very linear thinkers, whereas others take a more meandering route to reach their final conclusion or thought. Neither way is right or wrong, but depending on which most represents you, … Read More


Find a Career that Fits You

Organized people are a special breed. Take a look at someone’s office or desk and you’ll usually be able tell whether they have the “gift” of organization or not. The neat piles and color-coded files are a dead give-away! Of course, people who are organized have other abilities as well, such as: Possess critical-thinking skills. … Read More


Like to Help Others? Consider a Career in Business

What color is your parachute? This guide for job seekers is one of the most popular books for people looking to start or change their career. One of the main points of the guide is that people should figure out what they do best and what they enjoy doing (usually these are the same thing). … Read More


How to Choose Your Career: Passion and Prospects

In decades past, the advice that was probably most often given to high school students was “Follow your passion and study what interests you, the rest will fall into place.” It’s a nice idea, and when looking at different education options it certainly is important to consider what you’re good at and what you love … Read More


Pack Your Bags! Your Future Career in International Business.

The business world has become a true global community.  Technology has made it possible for even the smallest businesses to operate on a global scale.  Recently I blogged about my background in marketing and sales, which included a stint as a small business owner. When I had a shop on, I sold and shipped … Read More


Like Law and Order? Check Out a Career as a Law Clerk!

One of the main reasons someone chooses to get post-secondary education after high school is to increase the chances of getting a good job. You want to do something you love and get paid well for it. In a previous post we outlined a number of ways College is a great investment in your future. … Read More


Exams… the Final Frontier

For the past week, students in the School of Business have lined up anxiously outside of classrooms, lecture halls and the gymnasium to begin 2 – 3 hours of exams on a wide variety of subjects. Writing exams can be a daunting and rewarding experience. Rewarding with that phenomenal rush after the exam as you … Read More


4 Tips to Avoid Unintentional Plagarism

“Originality is undetected plagiarism.” William Ralph Inge I could have tried to pass off that witty remark as my own, and no one would have been the wiser right? Wrong. A few quick keystrokes in any search engine would show that the quote belongs to Mr. Inge and not me. Technology has given educators more … Read More


Millionaires vs. Billionaires – The NHL Labour Impasse

As a former NHL player and the former Professor and Coordinator of the Sport Business Management postgraduate program at Algonquin College, I am constantly asked what is going on with the NHL labour dispute between the owners and players that has been going on for over 80 days now. The National Hockey League had record revenues … Read More


5 Career Options for Outgoing People

Businesses in every industry, from hi-tech to retail, need staff with a variety of traits and strengths. Not everyone is suited for the same job. Plus, that would be pretty boring and wouldn’t be efficient. We’ve identified five “types” and the personal traits associated with them. Each type of businessperson is ideally suited for different … Read More


5 Social Media Tips for Students

  You’re going to meet a lot of influential and amazing people during your time at Algonquin College, so make sure to put your best foot forward as you connect with them on social media! Here are a few tips to get you started: 1. Get social, but keep it clean.Remember that your social profiles … Read More


Why College is a Great Investment in Your Future!

Whether you are currently a high school student, are considering returning to school after an absence from the workforce, or are looking for a career change, an Ontario Community College, such as Algonquin College, can provide you with an affordable option to gain the training and education you need for a successful career.  Here are … Read More


3 Reasons Why You Should Join The AC Biz Entrepreneurship Club

Alex Mahon, Student Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Dave Hunt, Co-Founder of Oak Computing and a few members of the club.   Can you imagine being in a room full of veteran entrepreneurs, angle investors and venture capitalists who are eager to write a cheque and join forces with your start-up business?  An opportunity to witness such an … Read More


Networking: Get to Know your Profs

  The education you get from your time at college is definitely important, but remember you have other assets to help you get a job at the end of it. Your education is only one piece of the puzzle. Remember that when you graduate, you’ll be competing against hundreds of other new grads for jobs … Read More


AC Biz School: Back Where I Started

Many years ago (I won’t say exactly how many) I was a student at the School of Business in the Business-Marketing program. I spent most of my waking hours in B Building, stressing over group work and exams, celebrating kick-ass presentations and papers, and developing life-long friendships. I loved my time at AC (or the Gonq … Read More