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There is still time to apply for January enrollment!

Did you know that several School of Business programs accept students for January enrollment? Classes start Monday January 11, 2016. These programs kick off with their own dedicated Orientation in January and you can start your studies right away. There is no need to wait until next Fall to become a part of the Algonquin … Read More


College Survival Guide – Advice from Successful Alumni

Welcome back Algonquin! The fall 2015 semester is upon us! College can be an amazing and enriching experience, if you know where to look! These three successful Algonquin College graduates were kind enough to provide invaluable advice which only comes from genuine experience. This guide hopes to serve the needs of both new and returning … Read More


Professor Showcase – Scott Mcbride: “Don’t fear failure, fear getting an ‘F’ in effort.”

This week on Professor Showcase we are pleased to introduce Scott Mcbride, a full-time Business Administration – Finance Professor. This sharply dressed, knowledgeable and charismatic facilitator of potential, challenges those he meets to work hard, dream big and be the best that they can be. Scott has been with Algonquin College close to 15 years … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Megan Hoffman

Name: Megan Hoffman What program did you graduate from? Office Administration-Medical How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? I enjoyed my experience at Algonquin because of the closeness and comradery of the entire school.  The fact that I was told to write my name on my test instead of just my … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Nataliia Sviontek

Name: Nataliia Sviontek What program did you graduate from? Law Clerk How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business?  In AC you can meet people from different backgrounds and with different life experiences. More you communicate with them more you learn about the world and trends in socio-cultural relations. In my opinion, … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Tami Cogan

Name: Tami Cogan What program did you graduate from? Law Clerk Intensive and Paralegal Diplomas How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? I very much enjoyed the diversity in the classroom.  The students brought a wide range of experience, which enriched the discussions.  The programs group work developed student’s ability to … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Zhimo (Joy) Wei

Name:  Zhimo (Joy) Wei What program did you graduate from? Paralegal How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? I enrolled in paralegal program in Sept 2011 and graduated in the summer of 2013 with honours; I was licensed in Oct 2013. I learned a lot through the two years full time study … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Stephanie Hunter

Name: Stephanie Hunter What program did you graduate from? Office Administration, Executive How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? For me it has been an amazing journey at Algonquin and one that I will always remember.  I returned to College to pursue a career in Office Administration as a mature student. It … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Amanda Gaudreau

Name: Amanda Gaudreau What program did you graduate from? Marketing Management Graduate Certificate- Class of ‘13 How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? I had many great experiences at Algonquin College; the teachers were knowledgeable, approachable and most of all helpful. I met a great group of friends in my program … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – David Elliot

Name:  David Elliott What program did you graduate from? Law Clerk Intensive and Paralegal programs How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? It was my involvement in extra-curricular activities that made my experiences at the College memorable.  There were two good projects I worked on as a team member with classmates … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Charmaine Akiwenzie

Name: Charmaine Akiwenzie What program did you graduate from? Small and Medium Enterprise Management 2012 (now known as Business Management and Entrepreneurship) and Business Marketing 2013 How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? When I applied to Algonquin College I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted to achieve from it, I … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Natasha Corneau

Name: Natasha Corneau What program did you graduate from? Financial Services Graduate Certificate How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? What I enjoyed most about my experience at Algonquin College was the general atmosphere. The faculty genuinely cared about my experience and success in the program and they strived to give each … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Alicia Puritt

Name: Alicia Puritt Program: Business Marketing How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? I had a fantastic time at Algonquin – I was encouraged to participate and compete in the provincial Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (OCMC) as well as qualify to compete on behalf of Algonquin at the national Business Development … Read More


Professor Showcase – Cheryl Dowell: “Failure Is The Condiment That Gives Success Its Flavor”

This week on Professor Showcase we are pleased to introduce Cheryl Dowell, a full-time Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME) Professor. A true maven of knowledge, acquired from first-hand experience; Cheryl fosters an environment of caring, learning, integrity and respect.  She views failure as the most enriching learning opportunity; encouraging her students to step up, rise … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Amy Chamberlain

Name: Amy Chamberlain Program: Business Administration – Marketing How was your personal experience at Algonquin CollegeSchool of Business? I made lifelong friends at AC. After finishing the first year of Business Administration I already knew that my major was going to be in Marketing. There I met the most amazing friends that I am still … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Cristine Snook

Name: Cristine Snook, CMRP Program: Marketing Research and Business Intelligence Graduate Certificate (2011) University of Waterloo, BA (honours) in Anthropology, Psychology, Italian What company do you work for? Self employed – I started my own marketing research consulting business in 2013.   What sort of work/tasks do you perform at your job  All aspects of … Read More


Student Spotlight – Ian Lockhart

  Name: Ian Lockhart Program: Business Marketing How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? Originally I was attending St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia where I was studying Political Science and History. It was here, during a soccer game, I received an extremely severe concussion that lead to years of … Read More


Testimonials: Students share stories on Business Administration program

What our students are saying about Algonquin College This week on Student Stories, I sat down with three students from the Business Administration program to discuss what has been most influential in assisting them thrive here at Algonquin College. All three would unanimously agree that it’s the faculty, the atmosphere, and the hands-on learning experience … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Raquel Génio

Name:  Raquel Génio Program: Marketing Research and Business Intelligence How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? I still remember my first day at Algonquin College – it was my birthday!  It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life; I had just landed in Canada a few days prior … Read More


A Genuine Passion for Teaching – Professor Showcase: Jill Baker

This week on Faculty Spotlight we are pleased to introduce Jill Baker, a full-time Marketing Professor who has been with Algonquin College for 12 years. Jill brings a genuine passion for teaching to the classroom that fosters and inspires students to further their own educational pursuits. She challenges and empowers her students to find the … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Andy Hollander

  What program did you graduate from? Marketing and Business Intelligence Research (Now: Market Research and Business Intelligence) How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? The best thing about College is the teachers. They aren’t 28 year old Psych. 1001 professors with 600 colour coded Post-it notes on their textbooks wearing … Read More


MRBI Student Team Brings Home the Gold

May 25th, 2015 WE WON!  The Algonquin College Market Research and Business Intelligence student team of Justin Ramsay, Matthew Reichert and Colleen Wang placed first in the Case Competition at the MRIA National Conference in Toronto, beating teams from Centennial, Georgian, Sheridan, and Lambton colleges. Way to go team!! The team made their final presentation … Read More


Amazing Professors You Didn’t Know Algonquin College Had!

James Fraser Part-Time Professor for the School of Business Jamie Fraser is a former elementary teacher who left the educational industry to pursue content provision and publishing. With 20 years experience in sales under his belt, Jamie joined Algonquin College as a part-time professor. Among his professional achievements he has grown and nurtured his own … Read More


Alumni Spotlight – Mark Banaszkiewicz

What program did you graduate from? Marketing Research and Business Intelligence, class of 2010 (formerly: Marketing and Business Intelligence Research) How was your personal experience at Algonquin College School of Business? I had a great time at Algonquin College while completing my graduate certificate in Marketing Research and Business Intelligence.  During my studies, I met … Read More


Student Stories – David Journeaux

This week on Student Stories, I sat down to chat with David Journeaux, a 31 year old student who was a professional musician for 13 years. David is an incredibly passionate and motivated individual who dreams of one day revolutionizing the creative industry. Currently enrolled in the two-year Business Marketing Program, David manages his own … Read More


Student Success – Still the Number One Priority

From humble beginnings, Student Success is the foundation upon which Algonquin College was built. A bill passed in 1967 allowed for a new form of education to be born: The Ontario College system; “a new level and type of education to serve those parts of the population whose needs were not met by the existing … Read More


International Business Management Grad Spotlight

Another School of Business graduate from our International Business Management graduate certificate has landed an exciting internship. Eric Agyemang is this year’s EDC-FITT intern. The position will have him assisting his small business solutions team connect Canadian exporters with EDC products to help these exporters grow their international business. Eric says he chose the International Business … Read More


6 Tips and Tricks for New College Students

The toughest thing about starting college is knowing how to make wise choices – critical decision that lead to success. These 6 tips and tricks can help to set you up for a strong first-year experience. Go to class. There is a reason this is number one. College is an amazing experience, but you can’t stay … Read More


10 things to avoid when building your LinkedIn profile!

It’s natural to feel unsure about a professional social media network like LinkedIn. It’s a place where people in all industries can go to build relationships with their colleagues and demonstrate their experience and expertise. It’s also a place where businesses and organizations can show off their work to prospective clients, customers, and even future … Read More


Flugtag Anyone?

The Algonquin Airborne Aces – Red Bull Flugtag Challenge The School of Business’ very own Alex Mahon, a current Business – Management and Entrepreneurship student is serving as team leader for The Algonquin Airborne Aces, in this year’s Red Bull Flugtag Challenge. Alex, along with his ace team members, Akil Alyacoubi, Vincenzo Marcantonio, and Kevin … Read More


What good is a work placement?

This is a question that comes up time and time again. The answer is simple. Work placements, working with live clients, field placements, work partnerships, clubs, co-ops and competitions are an essential part of how the School of Business extends your learning experience beyond the classroom. There has been a lot of media coverage lately … Read More


There’s still time to apply for Fall 2013!

You may hear it, bzzzzzzz. There’s a real buzz around campus this time of the year – a buzz of excitement and nerves! Many students are coming into the School of Business looking for information on programs, thinking that they are too late to apply for this Fall. Their nerves subside when they realize that … Read More


School of Business Students Receive Prestigious Internships & Awards

The School of Business is proud to announce the following achievements by our grads: Megan Malone, International Business Management (IBM) 2012, has won the cross Canada competition for the annual one year EDC/FITT Internship award with the Small Business Group at EDC in Ottawa.    Megan is returning to Canada after completing a 9 month internship with as … Read More


MBIR Student Wins Al Blankenship Award

Graham Pressey of the Marketing and Business Intelligence Research Class of 2013 is the winner of the Al Blankenship Award, an award given annually by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). The award in 2013 is for $125 and is given by the MRIA at its annual conference, which is taking place in Niagara … Read More


3 Tips for Group Work

There will always be one group from your Algonquin College School of Business program that you will remember. Now this group might have been the best group, or the worst group. Depending on the nature of the project, group work is usually beneficial to learn and prepare for future employment. Every group member has different … Read More


The Right Choice

Although most students are completing their study break and returning to the half-way mark of the winter semester, prospective students are beginning to decide where they want to go in the fall and what programs they need to take. Given the variety of programming offered by Algonquin College and the School of Business, the options … Read More


Top 5 Job Searching Strategies for Students and New Grads

Are you wrapping up your time at Algonquin College School of Business and thinking about your future? It’s probably time to start thinking about looking for a career related to the business program you’ve spent so much time studying. Job searching can be tough. In many ways it’s almost like a full-time job! You need … Read More


3 Time Management Tips for Students

Time management is an easy concept to understand and hugely beneficial if properly undertaken. But like anything else, it’s easier said than done. Do you feel like your productivity levels can be improved? Organization plays a huge role in that. Do you sometimes get so overwhelmed that you don’t know which task to even start … Read More


Student Blogger: Adam Brescacin

Here’s a little blog from one of our students! Hello fellow Algonquin students: Just like all of you, I am currently weathering the storm of midterms that comes before the oh-so needed reading week. This year, I will be graduating from the Office Administration program, with a double diploma in Legal/Executive. Being an experienced student, … Read More


Spotlight: Algonquin Accounting Club

Life on campus isn’t all about studying and homework, there are many ways to get involved, make new friends and network. Algonquin College has many clubs on campus for students in all faculties, including the School of Business. This article shines the spotlight on one of these clubs. Name of your club:  Algonquin Accounting Club … Read More


4 Tricks to Study Better

We all hate it, but we all have to do it. There are many ways to study. No single way is completely the right way as every person has different learning styles and preferences. Some people prefer memorizing chucks of text, rather than understanding it (it is not the good way of studying as you … Read More


Career Networking Fair February 12 + 10 Tips for Career Fair Success

Don’t miss out on Algonquin College’s largest on-campus recruitment event! The Career Networking Fair is being held on Tuesday February 12 from 11am to 3pm in the Gymnasium. The fair features over 50 employers with full-time employment opportunities for graduates and soon-to-be graduates, as well as summer employment opportunities for students. There are many opportunities … Read More


Still Time to Apply for Fall 2013 Business Programs

The Twittersphere was exploding yesterday with happy future Algonquin College students sharing the news that they had received their Offers of Admission for Fall. We’re just as excited and looking forward to welcoming everyone in September! February 1 was the equal consideration application date. That just means that all applications received before February 1 would … Read More


Times Flies

Whoever first coined that phrase was certainly correct. It’s amazing that January is now past and students are beginning the 5th week of the winter semester. Some students are focused on the end of term but many more, I think, are looking forward to the winter break which begins in two weeks. For many students in … Read More


Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Imagine being able to showcase your resume and portfolio to everyone you connect with. Wait — you can! That’s the power of LinkedIn’s new profile layout — now you can add videos, presentations and files alongside your digital resume to showcase your skills and accomplishments. You can link to files in the Summary, Education, and … Read More


How to Apply for College

September seems so far away when we just celebrated the New Year, but it’s already time to start thinking about applying for college! A key deadline for applications is February 1, 2013. This is the equal consideration date to apply for programs that start in the fall. Why is February 1st Important? If you want … Read More