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Academic Accommodations

Algonquin College has a human rights obligation to accommodate students with disabilities as outlined in its Policy AC01 which is intended to reflect the College’s response to the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. At the heart of the accommodation process is the responsibility, shared by all parties, to engage in meaningful dialogue about accommodation, and to seek out expert assistance as needed.

Academic accommodations refers to educational practices, systems, and support services designed to accommodate functional challenges due to a disability. The purpose of the accommodation is to enable students to meet the essential requirements of their academic program. At no time does accommodation undermine or compromise the learning objectives of a course or program. The principles of respect for dignity, individualization, and inclusion and full participation apply both to the substance of an accommodation and to the accommodation process.

Reduced Tuition Fee Policy

Students with disabilities who require the accommodation of a reduced course load, due to the impact of a documented disability, may be eligible to have tuition fees reduced for the final courses needed to complete their program. Click here for the Reduced Tuition Fee Policy.

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