Be a Leader

A leader leads with courage and conviction, is passionate about teaching and learning, builds relationships internally and externally, is innovative and entrepreneurial, and executes on plans.Algonquin College is committed to supporting and developing leaders, both formally and informally within the College. The College’s Strategic Plan, 2012-2017 speaks to Empowered People and in particular Goal 8: Create and foster an environment in which the College’s model of leadership competencies and behaviors is supported.

Within the College

Within the Community

  • Actively participate with alumni groups from your educational institution
  • Serve as a board member for non-profit agency
  • Contribute as a member of a professional association relevant to your current and/or desired role at the College
  • Volunteer in a leadership capacity for social service groups/non-profits, youth groups, sports programs/teams, neighborhood associations

Note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you feel that that a resource could be added, let us know at