Algonquin College was recently rated as a Top 25 Employer. While Algonquin College’s salary is highly competitive in comparison to other colleges in the region; other elements add value to our total work experience, such as benefits, pensions, leaves, working condition, and the people!


Algonquin College encourages continuous learning and professional development of all of its employees, and has several great programs in place to assist employees with tuition for courses.


Marc Brigden President Award137_zpszcat7mbtPENSION

Algonquin College helps employees plan for their future with contributions to a defined benefit pension plan (CAAT) for its academic, administrative, and support staff. Part-time employees may also enrol in the pension plan. See CAAT contributions for more information.



Offering reduced membership fees for the fitness centre and fitness classes as well as reduced tuition for a plethora of online and on-campus courses! For more information on continued learning, see Centre for Continuing & Online Learning. For more information on fitness, see Algonquin Students’ Association’s Fitness Zone.

8746925963_3466b17c97_zFAMILY SUPPORT

The college supports its new mothers and fathers, including adoptive parents, with generous maternity and parental leave top-up payments. See Maternity and Parental Leave for more information. In addition, the Early Learning Centre provides caring for children aged three months to 5 years.



You’re more than your job. To take full advantage of your health and wellness benefits, be informed about and make active use of your health coverage. There are many resources at your disposal to deal with your personal or medical challenges and help you achieve a healthy work/life balance.


fitness_036_jpg_hirPERSONAL HEALTH

Algonquin College cares about your personal health and provides access to a wide range of wellness services on campus. See Wellness for more information. The Fitness Zone will assist you in achieving your goal of physical and mental harmony.

8746925963_3466b17c97_zHEALTH BENEFITS

Algonquin College’s Health Care Plan supplies comprehensive extended health care benefits. See Extended Health Care Services for more information.


10874776473_b28f9a6726_zPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Algonquin College provides excellent professional development opportunities, including an annual three-day off-site retreat, and a three-day on campus conference with dynamic keynote speakers and diverse tracks of professional development workshops. See Professional Development for more information.



Making commitments is an important step in Algonquin College’s sustainability journey, but it is just one step. Delivering on those commitments will be the true measure of our integrity. Teams and individuals within the Algonquin community, some of them profiled in our Faces of SustainabilityCase Studies and Success Stories are fueling action and driving positive change.