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We have a sincere and compassionate interest in the well-being of the individual.

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We believe in the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth and development.

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We believe in trust, honesty and fairness in all relationships and transactions.

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We value the dignity and uniqueness of the individual. We value equity and diversity in our community.

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Our Values are ingrained within our community.

Cheryl Jensen – President, Algonquin College

“As a teacher and leader.. academic and administrator.. I’ve long admired Algonquin College. It has truly become a standard for Canadian colleges.”

Cathy Frederick – Vice President, Human Resources

“Our staff tend to see both an immediate impact as the students learn and grow, as well as a long-term impact as they contribute to helping shape our students’ futures. People talk about their ‘AC family’ and that is the result of collaborating in the workplace and coming together at special events like our barbecues to mingle and catch up on each other’s lives.”

Laura Stanbra – Vice President, Student Services

“I know I speak from experience when I say education can change your life. So that’s what makes it fulfilling for me, to come in here every day because I know I play a little part in helping a student transition and make that transformation in their lives too, and it’s just a good feeling.”

Claude Brulé – Vice President, Academic

“It’s a very exciting environment, we have people with a can do attitude, we have a culture of respect and caring because we have shared value as a scholar.”