Kathryn Reilander

Professor and Coordinator, Electrical Engineering Technology

Current Role

My responsibilities are two-fold; as a teacher I need to provide the skills to the students that they are going to need when they graduate, and as a coordinator, I have to help plan the program to keep it current and keep it up to date with industry trends.

Your Drive

My drive is to try and stand out as someone who is making a change.  So with the people in my program, I’d like to see them succeeding and doing well, and that they can come to me when they have concerns and I can support them in that regard.  At the College in large, I’d like to be involved as much as I can. I’m on a sustainable action team and I’d like to try forward principles of sustainability, just small little things like making use of our refill stations that we have all over the campus and try to encourage people to use them, or a small campaign to try and divest some of our endowment fund out of fossil fuels so that we are providing a better future for our students.  So I think in making those small changes, I could contribute to that; that’s what drives me forward.

“I have an awful lot of conversations in the hallways that lead to bigger things, and you never know who you are going to meet that’s going to bring you to the next step in your career.”

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