Paula Neumann

Finance Clerk, Architecture, Civil and Building Science

First role at the College

I worked in the test center which was part of Student Support Services. I worked there for 2 years on a part-time basis and it was great because the tools that I learned there helped me get to my next step. I learned so much about the different programs and what the prerequisites for each ones were; and who needed to test for what and what the requirements were. When I moved on to my next role in the Registrar’s Office, it was a huge foundation for me. I had a great basis and I knew a lot of the programs.

Roles at the College

I’ve held quite a few roles in the college. Some of the roles I felt have been sort of a stepping stone from one position to the next. Some roles more than others. I’ve have the wonderful opportunity to work with other departments. Working with other departments, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people.

Advice for Candidates

People often call me and ask me: “how do you get a job here..what do you do” and I respond with “it’s hard work, determination, perseverance, and being willing to start out part-time for what can possibly be quite a few years.” If you’re a good person, a hard worker, have the core values and your manager sees it, other people will see it. And you can be very successful. You have to be willing to learn and be willing to go out and try new things.

“There are so many different opportunities out there to be a part of. You just need to look through MyAlgonquin and it’s fantastic to see the different opportunities.”

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