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2017-02-21 FLS5001 FLS Level 1
2017-02-21 FLS5002 FSL Level 2
2017-02-21 FLS5003 FLS Level 3
2017-02-22 CST6556 Networking and Maintaining a Computer System
2017-02-22 MGT5079 Project Definition and Planning
2017-02-23 FAM0025 Field Placement I
2017-02-23 FAM0026 Field Placement II
2017-02-23 NSG5621 Complex Issues in Critical Care
2017-02-25 FAS5284 Sewing for Home Decor
2017-02-25 GEN0307 Cake Decorating Gum Paste and Fondant Phase 3
2017-02-25 PLU5511 Cross Connections and Backflow Prevention
2017-02-25 HRA5524 Ozone Depletion Prevention
2017-02-25 GEN5601 General Massage
2017-02-25 LAW0038 Court Transcriptionist - Advanced
2017-02-27 DEN5697 Dental Dam and Pit and Fissure Sealants
2017-02-27 ESL5151 ESL Professional Writing
2017-02-27 LAN5232F French as a Second Language Bilingualism Test Readiness Level B (1wk. intensive)
2017-02-27 MGT0026 Accessible Taxicab Training
2017-02-27 MVM5208 Driver Education In-Class Instructor
2017-02-28 ESL5150 Conversation Skills
2017-02-28 HRA0017 Venting Practices for Appliances