Advanced Chivalrous Swordhandling

Course: GEN0105

This course is listed under the following fields of study:

Continue to build upon the swordsmanship fundamentals through advanced training methodologies, safe contact sparring, and shieldwall formation drills utilizing the Bastard Sword and Heater Shield. There is extensive drilling in solo, partner, and mass teamwork tactics. Come study and re-enact the underlying principles in human biomechanics as they apply to swordsmanship such as dynamic movement, fencing measures (distance and timing), and strategy. This workshop is an ideal venue for those wishing to truly internalize the core fundamentals and perhaps train more robustly in true armour. Chainmaille shirts, shields and helms will be on hand. Attendees are encouraged and given suggestions on how to obtain their own armours and practice arms. Respect, courtesy, and self control are strict requirements for the attendee.


For ages 18 and older. One wooden practice sword required. Cost: $50.00.

All sections for this course are in progress.