Art du Trait: Introduction

Course: WOO9016

The introductory course is a five-day Applicable Stereotomy - Art du Trait course in which you learn the basics of roof and timber roof structures. With hands-on learning, you gain the knowledge to build complex yet simple roof structures that are used in all building circumstances. We examine the basics of hips, valleys and other roof framing methods. Each model is essential to understand the intersections of roofs. Students build a series of models, 'maquettes', and 'Raccords' of timber roof systems using 'Le Trait'. At the end of the course, the student has a good understanding of hips and valleys, and he or she has the confidence and knowledge to tackle any usual roof intersections that they may encounter. Each student builds scaled-down models of a roof using actual joints through the understanding and applying of trait to the task at hand.

All sections for this course are in progress.