Boxing and Kickboxing

Course: GEN0324

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Boxers and Muay Thai kickboxers are among the best conditioned athletes in the world. Come train as the pro boxers and kickboxers do and get the benefits of an excellent cardio workout while strengthening your upper body, core and leg muscles. Develop impenetrable defensive and devastating offensive techniques for self defense and the mixed martial arts. You learn boxing, kicking, knee and elbow techniques, as well as pad drills and footwork to enhance your balance and coordination. Sparring is optional. Boxing gloves are recommended and are available from your instructor at a cost. This course is available to everyone of all fitness levels ages 13 years old and up.

On Campus - Woodroffe
Section Date(s) Day(s) Time Price  
521 May 9 - Aug 8 Tue 8pm - 9pm $137.99 Register Online
541 May 11 - Aug 10 Thu 8pm - 9pm $137.99 Register Online