Industry Marketing Plan

Course: MKT2260

This course is part of the following part-time on campus and/or online program(s):

Students apply concepts to an industry client. Working in teams, students create a marketing plan for a local business. The course works in tandem with MKT 2261 (field work), MKT 2208 (Digital Marketing) and MKT 2292 (IMC 2) allowing the student to develop and practice cross-discipline and teamwork skills. Students conduct an in-depth analysis of internal and external marketing factors in order to uncover a target market and positioning opportunity for their industry client which provides the business a new marketing opportunity. Students then take this marketing strategy and develop a complementary marketing mix to leverage the identified marketing opportunity, a detailed implementation plan and financial analysis to prove the financial viability of their plan.


MKT2206 and MKT2207 and MKT2283 and MKT2284 and MKT2291



All sections for this course are in progress.