Chivalrous Swordhandling

Course: GEN0088

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Throughout history knights and men-at-arms have handled swords. Most strove to be persons of honour, loyalty, and chivalric character because they often had to uphold law and order. Course attendants will train honorably in the safe handling and fair usage of the European Medieval Broadsword and the Japanese Katana Longsword. Basic sword and shield tactics and formations will also be introduced. Training consists of fundamental parries and strikes, hold counters and take-downs all related to true swordhandling. Chainmaille shirts and helms will be on hand. This is an ideal workshop for medieval and martial enthusiasts, for its fitness and discipline applications, or simply for those who would like to perhaps try on some armour and learn how to correctly handle a true sword for a spell. Respect, courtesy and self control are strict requirements for the attendee.


For ages 18 and older.
One wooden practice sword required. Cost: $80.00.

On Campus - Woodroffe
Section Date(s) Day(s) Time Price  
531 May 17 - Jul 5 Wed 7pm - 9pm $175.00 Register Online