Combat Kung Fu

Course: GEN0322

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Combat Kung Fu training has been traditionally divided into five major areas: pouches, kicks, Qin-na (locks/pressure points) Shuai Jiao (wresting/grappling) and weapons. Done properly, this fundamental training will benefit anyone interested in the current mixed martial arts competitions or in learning a practical and realistic self defense which can be applied against any unarmed/armed attacker. You develop better hand eye coordination, faster reflexes and the ability to anticipate through a heightened sixth sense another's motives and ultimately their moves. Uniforms are optional but can be obtained through the instructor at a cost. This course is available to everyone of all fitness levels ages 13 years old and up.

On Campus - Woodroffe
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521 May 9 - Aug 8 Tue 7pm - 8pm $137.99 Register Online
541 May 11 - Aug 10 Thu 7pm - 8pm $137.99 Register Online