Contemporary Political and Legal Issues in Canadian Society

Course: LAW2205

This course is part of the following part-time on campus and/or online program(s):

Students learn how and why the country of Canada was created and organized as a federal system. They proceed to learn how and why its various branches of government and public institutions have evolved to what they are today. With this knowledge and perspective, students then review particular areas of interest including: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and its interpretation by the courts; general Canadian human rights issues; Canada's response to contentious criminal law issues including capital punishment, euthanasia, pornography, gun control and terrorism; Canadian immigration policy; personal information privacy issues; Canada's relationship with the United States; Canada's role at the United Nations and its relationship with other countries of the world; federal-provincial relations and the future of Canada both in terms of how it can remain one country and how it can successfully meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

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