Design Basics

Course: DAT0105

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This course is on the key elements of print based design. It is meant to expose the student to the concepts, vocabulary and ideas associated with good design, which is essential for success in desktop publishing. The Principles of Design (balance, alignment, repetition, consistency, contrast) and the Elements of Design (line, shape, mass, movement, texture, color) will be explored in order to provide a basic set of tools for you to work with. You will explore fonts and basic typography, as well as simple layout concepts. The Rule of Thirds, the use of columns and grids, along with the importance of white space will be explained, as well as how to use the visual center of a piece to create balance and unity in a design. Through a study of compositional movement, you will begin to see how a viewer's eye moves through a design. Students will see how to put design concepts into practice and make use of fundamental principles to construct the invisible underlying structure that is essential to effective graphic design.

Required Software

Adobe Indesign  CS4-6
Word processor (not included with course materials).
Scanner required
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800 May 9 - Aug 15Online$425.14 Register Online