e-Business and Supply Chain Management

Course: MKT2220

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The course examines the significant impact that e-business and e-marketing approaches are having on overall marketing strategy and execution. The large scale commercial use of the Internet plus corporate Intranets and Extranets in combination with a number of collaborative software platforms is allowing Marketers to engage customers in innovative and cost effective ways not practical in the past. The course also focuses on how to integrate traditional marketing and e-marketing channels to create an effective distribution model. Students will explore the various emerging trends and innovations shaping distribution channels, and tools within the supply chain that can be used to service customers, manage partners, and ensure the timing delivery of products and services. The major project for this course will be integrated with the co-op marketing planning project that all Level 4 students will work on for their industry client.


BUS2301 AND MKT2212 or MKT2302

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