Global Warming Concepts

Course: ENV5001

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This interactive course encourages students to debate issues related to global warming and to develop skills in innovative thinking, research, political awareness, ethical reasoning, debating, and communicating. Students develop an awareness of the current scientific certainties in global warming versus what is not certain. They study historical and current political issues related to global awareness, including topics such as the Kyoto agreement, ethical responsibilities of individuals, corporations, and governments, and the conflictions between economic development and the environment. This coures provides the opportunity for students to develop greater understanding of social understanding and the relationship between science, technology, and an individual's responsibility in society.


Sections 841, 842, 843, and 844 require you to register in the month prior to the course start date.

Required Software

Microsoft Word (not included with course materials) and DVD Player
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800 Jan 10 - Apr 18Online$317.95 Register Online
841 Feb 1 - May 10Online$317.95 Register Online
842 Mar 1 - Jun 7Online$317.95 Register Online
843 Apr 3 - Jul 10Online$317.95 Register Online