Karate - Spirit and Self Defense

Course: GEN0298

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Come learn the dynamic offensive and defensive techniques of Karate and enhance your self-defense skills for today's streets and mixed martial arts scene. Improve your body, mind and spirit and explore your strength of will and Bushido. Training consists of strikes, takedowns, locks, groundwork, katas, self defense situations and controlled sparring (optional). Advanced students also have the option of learning Kobudo (weapons). Uniforms are optional but available through the instructor at a cost. This course is available to everyone of all fitness levels ages 13 years old and up.

On Campus - Woodroffe
Section Date(s) Day(s) Time Price  
521 Jan 17 - Apr 18 Tue 6pm - 7pm $137.99 Register Online
541 Jan 19 - Apr 20 Mon 6pm - 7pm $137.99 Register Online