Lightroom I

Course: PHO0008

This course is listed under the following fields of study:

Maximize the impact of your photographic images using Adobe Lightroom. Explore this powerful image management system for improving and organizing your digital files. Learn the two most powerful modules of the Lightroom program: the Library Module and the Develop Module. The Library Module helps you to organize a comprehensive database of your image files, create collections and develop techniques for adding keywords and captions that enable fast and accurate search and retrieval of your photos. The Develop Module is used to adjust colour, contrast and saturation, affect global changes and local adjustments. Toning, presets and special effects are also covered. Whether a beginner photographer or practicing professional, learning to use this software can help you to improve your images technically and enhance your photographic vision and creativity.


A USB drive (2GB or more) with a range of images is required.

Although classes will be taught in labs with computers and software, it is recommended that students have a camera as well as access to a computer with the software (Adobe Lightroom 5) to practice and experiment between classes.

All sections for this course are in progress.