Screenwriting I

Course: SCR1530

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Focus is placed on the fundamental principles of screenwriting, including story structure, creating dimensionalized characters and worlds, screenplay format, style and philosophy. The dramatic elements and technical demands of both short and feature-length screenwriting are explored. Students develop story proposals, treatments and a beat outline. As well, they complete two drafts of a short film and an Act I for a full-length screenplay to be completed in term II.


This is a special opportunity to take one of the foundation courses in our Scriptwriting Graduate Certificate Program to spark your interest and develop your skills in the diverse and ever-expanding field of scriptwriting. Join internationally acclaimed writer, producer and story editor Sharon Buckingham to help you set and achieve your writing goals. This course is suited for people who are self-motivated, well-organized and have excellent oral and written skills, ideally with at least two years' post-secondary background or experience in a related field.

Students will have 3 hours of class time on campus plus 2 hours of online activities, in addition to homework.

Please note that this is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) course, so you will be required to bring a laptop with Final Draft - version 9 software (approx. $130) which can be purchased online. The two required textbooks are available at the campus bookstore.

For more information, please contact Angela Peterson, at 613-727-4723 ext. 6329 or

All sections for this course are in progress.