Youth in Conflict with the Law

Course: FAM1052

This course is part of the following part-time on campus and/or online program(s):

Vulnerable and at-risk youth are often involved in the justice system and child and youth care practitioners come into contact with these youth in a variety of work settings. Students explore the multifaceted profile of justice-involved youth, the court process and current legislation which governs legal sanctions. Course materials, discussion and case application are aimed at ensuring students are familiar with best practices when intervening with justice-involved youth. Guest speakers provide a focus on agencies in Ottawa who serve this special population.


ENL1902F and FAM0001 and FAM0013 and FAM1054 and FAM1058 and FAM1066 and FAM1255 and FAM1258 and FAM1259 and FAM1271 and FAM1702

All sections for this course are in progress.