Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities:

  • Know your student ID number.
  • Provide your student ID number each time you communicate with the College.
  • Ensure prerequisites are met.
  • Ensure you have registered in the correct course(s).
  • Understand the Refund policy. 
  • Understand the Withdrawal and Transfer policies.
  • Understand the "Academic Penalty Withdrawal Date".
  • Understand the requirements to audit a course.
  • Request audit status at time of registration.
  • Verify your transcript. Contact the Registrar's Office immediately if you have any questions regarding the content of your transcript.
  • Request your Certificate/Diploma upon completion of the final course in the program.
  • Access your official timetable by logging into ACSIS.
  • Declare your program using the Academic Planner (available through ACSIS) if you are working toward certification.

* The Academic Penalty Withdrawal Date refers to the last date to withdraw from a course without academic penalty. Failure to do so will result in an "F" (failure) on your academic record (transcript); This is not the refund date.