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Ontario College Diploma (23 courses) Part-time Online
Program Code: 0214E07PWO Academic Year: 2016/2017

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*Only Year 1 is available online. Part-time students have 3 years to complete the first year, the remainder of the program must be completed full-time on campus.

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Our Program

This Ontario College Diploma program provides students with a specialization in marketing. Students learn all aspects of marketing from product conception to product consumption in an applied learning environment. Students also benefit from the application of computing technology and a collaborative learning environment which allow graduates to immediately contribute in a meaningful way to an organization's marketing program initiatives using modern information technology tools. The curriculum is designed to provide both theory and applied learning, culminating with a comprehensive marketing plan project with an industry client in the fourth level.

Graduates qualify to receive the Canadian Professional Sales Association Sales Certificate based on the learning outcomes achieved through the program. An application must be completed and forwarded to CPSA to receive the sales certificate. Additional information can be found at the CPSA website, The program is also designed to provide graduates with several laddering options including upgrading to an Ontario College Advanced Diploma or pursuing several Ontario College Graduate Certificate options.

Success Factors

This program is well-suited for students who:

  • Are excited by the prospect of taking a hands-on approach to learning and interacting with industry clients and business leaders.
  • Are seeking a career path that offers a range of employment opportunities and places them at the centre of an organization's decision-making processes and creative execution.
  • Enjoy interacting with others in a group setting.
  • Are interested in examining business situations and creating customized solutions.

Your Career

Graduates may be employed in a wide range of marketing activities, including sales (both business-to-business and retail), sales promotion, advertising, web marketing and social media, marketing research and planning, purchasing, customer service and product/brand management. Opportunities may be available with domestic and international retailing, manufacturing, service and wholesaling firms, and in government departments and agencies. In addition to employment in the public and private sectors, some graduates may pursue self-employment opportunities.

Fees & Expenses

Fees for part-time programs are charged on a course-by-course basis and are published on each individual course page. For questions related to fees, please call the Registrar's Office at 613-727-0002.

Graduation Fee

Once you have completed all the courses in the program, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Registrar's Office to obtain a certificate/diploma application. A graduation fee of $40 will be charged when the application is submitted. When your certificate/diploma application has been approved, you will be invited to Spring or Fall Convocation.

Admission Requirements

College Eligibility
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, OR
  • Mature Student status (19 years of age or older and without an OSSD).
College Eligibility
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, OR
  • Mature Student status (19 years of age or older and without an OSSD).


Only year one of this program is available online. Year two is available full-time on campus.

Courses appearing to be unavailable online (during the registration period) may have substitute courses which are taken instead. If you are a full-time student, you are automatically put into those courses; if you are part-time, please contact your program coordinator for the current substitutions and links to these courses.

Substitutes and equivalencies for Winter 2017

  • The course ACC2214 is not available this semester, ACC2222 is the equivalent substitute.
  • The course MKT2216 is not available this semester, MKT2209 is the equivalent substitute.
  • The course MKT2217 is not available this semester, MKT2214 is the equivalent substitute.
  • The course QUA0008 is not available this semester, QUA2221 is the equivalent substitute.

For more information on the Canadian Professional Sales Association Sales Certificate visit them online.

CCOL Academic Planner

The Academic Planner provides registered part-time students in the Centre for Continuing and Online Learning (CCOL) the ability to declare into a program of study. The Academic Planner outlines successfully completed courses to date, as well as courses that need to be completed in order to meet graduation requirements. It is therefore, essential that all part-time students in CCOL declare to their program of study, allowing administrators to plan course offerings. The tool is available on ACSIS, located under 'Continuing Education' on the left-hand toolbar.

Program Progression

As per policy AA39: Program Progression and Graduation Requirements when students are admitted to a program, they are assigned to the Program of Study that aligns with their start date. If a student takes a break for two or more consecutive terms the Program of Study is reset to align with the current version (when studies are resumed). For more information please contact your Program Coordinator.

September 2013 and before September 2016

If you started the Business Marketing Diploma program between September 2013 and before September 2016, to complete the first year online you need to successfully complete: ACC2222, BUS2301, ENL1813, MKT2209, MKT2205, ENL1823, LAW2205, MKT2206, MKT2282, and QUA2221 or equivalent courses.

2016/2017 Program Progression

If you started the Business Marketing Diploma program after September 2016, to complete the first year online you need to successfully complete ACC2214, BUS2301, ENL1813, MKT2205, MKT2216, QUA0002, ENL1823, LAW2205, MKT2206, MKT2217, MKT2282, and QUA0008 or equivalent courses.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Coordinator Vessela Zaykova at or 613-727-4723 ext. 7731.


Online:Online Learning   
HoursCourse NameWinterSummer
Series: 01
ACC221445.0Financial Information for MarketingFinancial Information for Marketing

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

BUS230145.0Business Computer ApplicationsOnline Learning Online Learning
ENL181345.0Communications IOnline Learning Online Learning
MKT220560.0Marketing FoundationsOnline Learning Online Learning
MKT221645.0Skills Transferable to BusinessSkills Transferable to Business

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
QUA000245.0Business MathematicsOnline Learning Online Learning
Series: 02
ENL182345.0Communications IIOnline Learning Online Learning
LAW220545.0Contemporary Political and Legal Issues in Canadian SocietyBlank Icon Online Learning
MKT220660.0Product and Pricing StrategiesBlank Icon Online Learning
MKT221745.0Global MarketingBlank Icon Online Learning
MKT228260.0Professional SellingBlank Icon Online Learning
QUA000845.0StatisticsBlank Icon Online Learning
Series: 03
MKT220760.0Marketing ChannelsMarketing Channels

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT228360.0Sales ManagementSales Management

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT228460.0Marketing ResearchMarketing Research

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT229160.0Integrated Marketing Communications IIntegrated Marketing Communications I

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
General Education Elective: choose 1
ART000848.0Art History and TheoryBlank Icon Online Learning
COR173745.0Abnormal PsychologyOnline Learning Online Learning
DAT011345.0Growing Up Digital - Living and Working in CanadaBlank Icon Online Learning
ENL000942.0Introduction to Children's LiteratureOnline Learning Online Learning
ENL001042.0Science FictionOnline Learning Online Learning
ENL179845.0Contemporary Canadian IssuesOnline Learning Online Learning
ENV000245.0Environmental CitizenshipBlank Icon Online Learning
FAM100345.0Psychology of LearningBlank Icon Online Learning
GED710545.0Professionalism and EthicsOnline Learning Online Learning
GEO000142.0Political GeographyPolitical Geography

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
GEO000245.0Introduction to Geology: an Overview of Planet EarthBlank Icon Online Learning
GEO000345.0Geography and TourismBlank Icon Online Learning
GEO500345.0Introduction to Paleontology (Fossils)Blank Icon Online Learning
HLT013945.0Introduction to Complementary TherapiesIntroduction to Complementary Therapies

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MGT234645.0Introduction to E-BusinessOnline Learning Online Learning
PSI000242.0Canadian PoliticsBlank Icon Online Learning
PSY000145.0Co-Dependency as an AddictionBlank Icon Online Learning
PSY000245.0Domestic and Workplace ViolenceBlank Icon Online Learning
PSY000745.0Cults and TerrorismOnline Learning Online Learning
PSY001045.0Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic MindsBlank Icon Online Learning
PSY001442.0Learning, Thinking and Problem SolvingBlank Icon Online Learning
PSY001545.0Social PsychologyBlank Icon Online Learning
PSY175442.0Psychology IntroductionOnline Learning Online Learning
SSC004842.0Technology: Apocalypse Or Eden?Technology: Apocalypse Or Eden?

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
SSC501242.0Racism and DiscriminationBlank Icon Online Learning
Series: 04
GED223445.0Contemporary Ethical IssuesContemporary Ethical Issues

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT220860.0Digital MarketingDigital Marketing

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT221330.0Skills for the WorkplaceSkills for the Workplace

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT226060.0Industry Marketing PlanIndustry Marketing Plan

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT226145.0Marketing Plan Project Field WorkMarketing Plan Project Field Work

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon
MKT229260.0Integrated Marketing Communications II New MediaIntegrated Marketing Communications II New Media

There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

Blank Icon Blank Icon


BUS2301 Business Computer Applications

Students learn a variety of business software applications. They produce assignments using Microsoft Office 2013 for PC. Blackboard and other computer-based training products are tools used to support and enrich the learning experience. It is strongly recommended that students use a PC (not a Mac).

ENL1813 Communications I

Effective communication is important for building relationships and successful functioning in every part of an organization. Through the different modes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, analyzing, and representing information students develop the skills required for communicating effectively in personal and professional environments. Over the term, students will create a portfolio that includes communication tools and activities related to their chosen career path. An emphasis is placed on developing skills for communicating in digital environments.

MKT2205 Marketing Foundations

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of marketing, including the assessment of business environments to determine market potential. Students analyze the market to determine how to establish a competitive advantage and assess buyer behaviour. The four P's of marketing (product, price, promotion and place) are examined to determine the ideal set of marketing strategies and tactics to enhance an organization's competitive positioning.

QUA0002 Business Mathematics

A review of basic arithmetic and algebra is provided, as well students are provided with mathematic tools and concepts required for solving problems found in a business environment. Included problem-solving areas are cost- volume-profit analysis, index numbers, markup and markdowns, terms of invoicing and business finance.

ENL1823 Communications II

Effective communication is an essential employability skill required for the workplace and attaining a career position. This course focuses on developing and enhancing personal presentation and communication skills required to function in the workplace. Students will research and prepare a variety of standard business documents and correspondence used across industries. An emphasis will be placed on researching and compiling a targeted job search portfolio that includes cover letter, resume, and related documents. Utilizing technologies for the purpose of creating a professional presence in digital environment is introduced.

LAW2205 Contemporary Political and Legal Issues in Canadian Society

Students learn how and why the country of Canada was created and organized as a federal system. They proceed to learn how and why its various branches of government and public institutions have evolved to what they are today. With this knowledge and perspective, students then review particular areas of interest including: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and its interpretation by the courts; general Canadian human rights issues; Canada's response to contentious criminal law issues including capital punishment, euthanasia, pornography, gun control and terrorism; Canadian immigration policy; personal information privacy issues; Canada's relationship with the United States; Canada's role at the United Nations and its relationship with other countries of the world; federal-provincial relations and the future of Canada both in terms of how it can remain one country and how it can successfully meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

MKT2206 Product and Pricing Strategies

Students acquire an in-depth appreciation for product and pricing strategies and tactics. Students gain a thorough appreciation for the new product development process, the strategies to effectively manage a product through its life cycle and the distinguishing factors between product and service marketing. Students study various product strategies to understand the conditions supporting each approach. With a firm grasp on product strategies students investigate supportive pricing strategies. Students discover theories that marketers apply to manage customer price sensitivity, competitive pricing actions and opportunities to segment the market on the basis of price to maximize profitability. Students also learn the process and factors behind setting prices, apply formulas to assess the financial impacts of their pricing decisions and participate as a group member in solving pricing dilemmas and developing financial analyses as presented in a case study.

Pre-requisites: MKT2205

MKT2217 Global Marketing

Students learn about the issues and the decisions required for businesses to succeed in the global marketplace. The course makes extensive use of electronic methods to characterize and exploit international marketing opportunities. By researching foreign markets, students understand how to evaluate suitable products for international target markets, establish efficient international distribution channels, conduct effective international promotion programs, establish profitable international pricing and develop approaches to international financing. A key component is a group term project which involves preparing a country profile, a market audit and a competitive analysis in preparation for the decision on how to grow the business in that country.

Pre-requisites: MKT2205

Co-requisites: MKT2206

MKT2282 Professional Selling

Students focus on one critical part of the communication mix, the sales process. Areas of study include steps in the selling process, developing a sales strategy, sales presentation, role playing and the importance of ethics. Students also learn how to develop sales negotiation skills and enduring customer relationships, and the important role of customer service in relationship building. Focus is on the student preparing and delivering a sales presentation.

Pre-requisites: MKT2205

QUA0008 Statistics

Descriptive methods of data classification, sampling, collecting, organizing, and presentation of data in order to evaluate various business situations in a decision making context. Computations through appropriate computer software are emphasized. Students learn mathematical methods for descriptive statistics, frequency distributions and measures of location and variation. Time series analysis is covered including computations for short-term forecasting. Finally, students learn basic probability to solve business related problems.

Pre-requisites: QUA0002

ART0008 Art History and Theory

This course is designed to familiarize students with early historical foundations to present day exemplars of art making. World art with an emphasis on Western art history (from renaissance to today) and minor focus on international art (Canadian, Contemporary, Asian, First Nations, Islamic, etc.) is covered. Students will be expected to complete required readings, write an essay and final examination.

COR1737 Abnormal Psychology

Emphasis is on the study of signs and symptoms of the major mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, major depression, schizophrenia and personality disorders. Additionally, there are discussions about eating and sleeping disorders, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

DAT0113 Growing Up Digital - Living and Working in Canada

Youth in Canada today are the first generation to grow up in a digital world and they are transforming our culture and institutions. This course looks at the Internet and its role in shaping recent history and society. It examines the impact of digital media that empowers our youth to communicate, learn, play, shop and work differently from previous generations. It also provides analytical tools to anticipate and act on what lies ahead in the future.

ENL0009 Introduction to Children's Literature

This subject will explore and evaluate the fiction, poetry and non-fiction genres of children's literature with their historical contexts as they apply.

ENL0010 Science Fiction

Science Fiction shows you other worlds; it describes possible future societies and the problems lurking ahead. It also shows how human beings can and do create these future worlds - that our future is in our hands. Science fiction stands as a bridge between science and art, between the engineers of technology and the poets of humanity.

ENL1798 Contemporary Canadian Issues

A critical understanding of contemporary Canadian issues is essential to being an active member in our democratic society. Students explore a variety of topics and analyze their ethical implications and relevance to Canadian life. Discussions and debates, as well as related interactive activities, offer opportunities to consider recent controversies from different perspectives. Use of a variety of media (e.g. newspapers, articles and electronic resources) allows for in-depth reflection on the history of current social and political issues.

ENV0002 Environmental Citizenship

Based on the general principles of national citizenship, environmental citizenship goes beyond national borders to emphasize global environmental rights and responsibilities. Focus is on both conservation and planned sustainable use of our planet's resources, as well as on the recognition that environmental health is a prerequisite to human health. Being an environmentally-aware citizen involves personal commitment to learning more about the environment and to taking responsible environmental action. Students are encouraged to adopt attitudes and behaviours that foster global environmental responsibility.

FAM1003 Psychology of Learning

To be successful, individuals need to understand how they acquire new knowledge/skills and how environmental factors impact this process. By examining a variety of theories from both historical and current perspectives, students develop an understanding of how an individual's learning is influenced by developmental, psychological and social elements. Students use real life situations to identify how these theories can be used to support learning and development within continuously changing environments.

GED7105 Professionalism and Ethics

Professionalism and ethics are the foundation for those preparing for leadership roles in the workplace, community and educational settings. By exploring the different facets of leadership theory and ethical dilemmas, students develop decision making, judgment, and personal value positions that form the basis for the examination of professional conduct and personal accountability.

GEO0002 Introduction to Geology: an Overview of Planet Earth

This introductory course examines the science known as geology, the study of the earth. The course begins with the formation of the universe, the solar system, earth and its moon and the planets. Subsequent topics include the history of the earth, describing how oceans and continents were formed, plate tectonics, the movements of the continents, rock types and their formation.

GEO0003 Geography and Tourism

This course examines the world landscapes as well as associated cultural and historical phenomena. Contemporary theories in the earth sciences such as geological time, plate tectonics, processes of erosion, and factors affecting climate are explored. The course is intended for students who wish to know more about how the physical, cultural and historical elements of the world landscape combine to make each designated region interesting and unique.

GEO5003 Introduction to Paleontology (Fossils)

This course is an introduction to the study of fossils - paleontology. It examines the evolution of life on earth, how fossils are preserved, the identification of fossils and the Geological Time Scale.

MGT2346 Introduction to E-Business

Students are provided with tools, skills, an understanding of technology, business concepts and issues that surround the emergence of electronic business. Emphasis is on that part of the Internet known as the World Wide Web (WWW), where such tools as browsers are used. In addition to acquiring basic skills for navigating the Internet, students develop an understanding of the current practices and opportunities in electronic publishing, electronic shopping, electronic distribution and electronic collaboration. Students also explore several of the problems surrounding electronic business and commerce, such as security, authentication, privacy, encryption, safeguarding of intellectual property rights, acceptable use policies and legal liabilities.

Pre-requisites: BUS2301

PSI0002 Canadian Politics

This course will provide an overview of Canadian politics covering the structure of Canadian government, the practice of politics and a background of major political issues.

PSY0001 Co-Dependency as an Addiction

This course provides an overview of how individuals can become addicted to others and relationships. It examines the personalities of abusers and those who are abused. How individuals with complimentary personality disorders unite and form bonds is examined. Object Relations Theory and how women and men are unconsciously drawn to abusive partners because of personality disorders caused by childhood abuse or neglect are the focal point of this course. Students learn how individuals with co-dependent personalities can become capable of breaking free from the cycle many get caught in.

PSY0002 Domestic and Workplace Violence

This course examines workplace, school yard and family violence. Strategies for dealing with this violence will be explored. Conflict resolution strategies will be developed which can be applied to the workplace, school or home environment. Issues such as how and why co-dependency exists as well as the battered wife syndrome and abusive males will be addressed. Students will also examine why confrontation can escalate into violence in the workplace and why bullying exists in schools.

PSY0007 Cults and Terrorism

This course focuses on conformity issues surrounding religious fundamentalism, sects, cults, and terrorist groups. The reasons why people join and why they may have a difficult time leaving, are examined. Society's contributions to supporting cultic groups are explored. Strategies for protecting individuals and vulnerable populations from cultic and terrorist activity are developed.

PSY0010 Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic Minds

What makes a psychopath tick? Are they born that way, or are they products of society? Are serial killers really possessed with evil, or do they know exactly what they are doing? In this course, students study how and why some individuals become criminals and why some actually become killers. You study what is known about serial killers, stalkers, rapists and criminals. Also, the latest techniques used in criminal profiling and questioning are examined.

PSY0014 Learning, Thinking and Problem Solving

This subject examines selected knowledge about human behaviour and the use of this knowledge to the individual. Students learn how to better understand themselves and others, and to use psychological theory, and research to manage their own lives and their own problems more effectively.

PSY0015 Social Psychology

Social psychology is the scientific study of how people think about, interact, influence and relate to others. The course will emphasize understanding about how and why individuals behave, think and feel in social situations. Of particular importance will be the study of the individual, their thoughts and resultant behaviour in social situations.

PSY1754 Psychology Introduction

In order to understand ourselves and interact appropriately with others, we must first understand the basis for behaviour. The study of psychology provides students with an understanding of why people think and act as they do. It examines the scientific process of research, the human brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, learning, memory and personality.

SSC5012 Racism and Discrimination

This course targets racism and discrimination that are observed in the Canadian multiculturalism context. Students are able to identify types of discriminations and racisms based on our cultural values and find the connection between discrimination and the society. Students also analyze sociological factors, such as the media that could cause biases and prejudice. The objective of this course is to enhance the sensitivity and intolerance of mistreatment based on racial or ethnic background and to consider how to handle these issues as occupational professionals and individuals in this pluralistic society.