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Academic Year: 2016/2017
6000X02PWO Accounting Part-time On Campus
6000X07PWO Accounting Part-time Online
6105X02PWO American Sign Language Part-time On Campus
6040X07PWO Applied Management Part-time Online
6135X02PWO Archives and Records Management Part-time On Campus
3017X09FWO Autism and Behavioural Science Full-time Online
3017X07PWO Autism and Behavioural Science Part-time Online
6408X02PWO AutoCAD Part-time On Campus
6028X02PWO Bookkeeping Part-time On Campus
6028X07PWO Bookkeeping Part-time Online
6403X02PWO Building Environmental Systems Operator Class I Part-time On Campus
6404X02PWO Building Environmental Systems Operator Class II Part-time On Campus
0306X09FWO Business Full-time Online
0306X07PWO Business Part-time Online
0214C09FWO Business - Accounting Full-time Online
0214C07PWO Business - Accounting Part-time Online
0214E09FWO Business - Marketing (Year 1) Full-time Online
0214E07PWO Business - Marketing (Year 1) Part-time Online
0216X09FWO Business Administration Full-time Online
0216X02PWO Business Administration Part-time On Campus
0216X07PWO Business Administration Part-time Online
1930X07PWO Business Analysis Studies Part-time Online
6001X02PWO Business Communications Part-time On Campus
6067X02PWO Business Marketing Management Part-time On Campus
6067X07PWO Business Marketing Management Part-time Online
0476X09FWO Child and Youth Care (Year 1) Full-time Online
0476X07PWO Child and Youth Care (Year 1) Part-time Online
6439X02PWO Cisco Networking Administration Part-time On Campus
1803X07PWO Client Relations Part-time Online
6423X07PWO Commercial Estimating Part-time Online
0466X09FWO Community and Justice Services (Year 1) Full-time Online
0466X07PWO Community and Justice Services (Year 1) Part-time Online
6022X02PWO Computer Information Systems Part-time On Campus
1812X07PWO Conflict Management Part-time Online
6424X07PWO Construction Management Part-time Online
1505X09FWO Construction Project Management Full-time Online
1505X07PWO Construction Project Management Part-time Online
1921X07PWO Contemporary Educational Practices Part-time Online
6137X02PWO Creative Arts Part-time On Campus
6068X07PWO Creative Writing Part-time Online
0926X02PWO Crisis Management/Human Psychology Part-time On Campus
0206X02PWO Culinary Skills - Chef Training Part-time On Campus
1822X07PWO Customer Experience Management
Part-time Online
6285X02PWO Dental Assisting Level II for Dental Assistants Part-time On Campus
1820X07PWO Digital Analytics Part-time Online
1814X02PWO Digital Music Production Part-time On Campus
0430X09FWO Early Childhood Education Full-time Online
0430X02PWO Early Childhood Education Part-time On Campus
0430X07PWO Early Childhood Education Part-time Online
1616X07PWO Early Childhood Education Administration Part-time Online
6061X02PWO E-Business Management Part-time On Campus
6061X07PWO E-Business Management Part-time Online
1924X07PWO Educational Technology Applications Part-time Online
1809X09FWO Emergency Management Full-time Online
1809X07PWO Emergency Management Part-time Online
6437X07PWO Enterprise Java Developer Part-time Online
1906X02PWO Esthetics Part-time On Campus
3010X09FWO Fitness and Health Promotion (Year 1) Full-time Online
3010X07PWO Fitness and Health Promotion (Year 1) Part-time Online
6162X02PWO Fitness and Lifestyle Management Part-time On Campus
6314X02PWO Food Service Worker Part-time On Campus
1607X02PWO Foot Care for Nurses Part-time On Campus
1801X09FWO Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations Full-time Online
1801X07PWO Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations Part-time Online
6108X07PWO Fundraising Management Part-time Online
6411X02PWO Gas Technician 2 Part-time On Campus
6410X02PWO Gas Technician 3 Part-time On Campus
1438Q09FWO General Arts and Science - Pre-Business Full-time Online
1438Q07PWO General Arts and Science - Pre-Business Part-time Online
6402X02PWO Home Inspection Part-time On Campus
6402X07PWO Home Inspection Part-time Online
6015X02PWO Human Resources Management Studies Part-time On Campus
6015X07PWO Human Resources Management Studies Part-time Online
1311X09FWO Human Resources Management
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Full-time Online
1311X07PWO Human Resources Management
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Part-time Online
1908X02PWO Information Technology Support Part-time On Campus
1918X07PWO Interdisciplinary Business Studies Part-time Online
1917X07PWO Labour Relations Part-time Online
1817X07PWO Leadership Development Series Part-time Online
1932X07PWO Learning Analytics Part-time Online
0440X02PWO Library and Information Technician Part-time On Campus
6011X02PWO Management Studies Part-time On Campus
6011X07PWO Management Studies Part-time Online
1802X07PWO Medical Transcription Part-time Online
1800X09PWO Military Arts and Science Part-time Online
1931X07PWO Mobile and Web User Experience Design Part-time Online
1916X07PWO Mobile Marketing Part-time Online
1309X02PWO Nonprofit Sector Management Part-time On Campus
1804X07PWO Nursing Unit Clerk Part-time Online
6203X02PWO Occupational Safety and Health Part-time On Campus
6203X07PWO Occupational Safety and Health Part-time Online
6326X02PWO Occupational Safety and Health: Fire Code Administration Part-time On Campus
0210A09FWO Office Administration - Executive Full-time Online
0210A07PWO Office Administration - Executive Part-time Online
0210X09FWO Office Administration - General Full-time Online
0210X02PWO Office Administration - General Part-time On Campus
0210X07PWO Office Administration - General Part-time Online
1807X07PWO Office Operations and Business Practices Part-time Online
1922X07PWO Online Learning Design and Development Part-time Online
6059C02PWO Oracle Database Administration Part-time On Campus
6045X02PWO Patissier Part-time On Campus
6204X02PWO Photography Techniques Part-time On Campus
0444X09FWO Police Foundations Full-time Online
0444X07PWO Police Foundations Part-time Online
1704B02PWO Practical Nursing (Certificate to Diploma) Part-time On Campus
1806X07PWO Professional Sales Part-time Online
6003X02PWO Project Management Studies Part-time On Campus
6003X07PWO Project Management Studies Part-time Online
1811X07PWO Property Management Foundations Part-time Online
6227X02PWO Public and Private Investigations Part-time On Campus
0660X02PWO Registered Nurse - Critical Care Nursing Part-time On Campus
1620X02PWO Registered Nurse - Perinatal Nursing Part-time On Campus
0664X02PWO Registered Nurse - Perioperative Nursing Part-time On Campus
0897X02PWO Registered Practical Nurse - Operating Room Part-time On Campus
1523X09FWO Regulatory Affairs - Sciences
Full-time Online
1523X07PWO Regulatory Affairs - Sciences
Part-time Online
6101X02PWO Residential Decor Part-time On Campus
1808X07PWO Small Business Accounting Part-time Online
1909X07PWO Social Media Part-time Online
1923X07PWO Social Media Compliance Management Part-time Online
0432X02PWO Social Service Worker Part-time On Campus
0820X02PWO Sommelier Part-time On Campus
1919X02PWO Sommelier Fundamentals Part-time On Campus
1821X07PWO Strength and Conditioning Training
Part-time Online
6013X02PWO Supply Chain Management Part-time On Campus
1816X07PWO Sustainability Education Part-time Online
1819X02PWO Tea Sommelier Part-time On Campus
6038X07PWO Teachers and Trainers of Adults Part-time Online
0925X02PWO Teachers of English as a Second/Foreign Language Part-time On Campus
6143X02PWO Teaching Adult Lifelong Learners Part-time On Campus
1182X09FWO Technical Writer Full-time Online
1182X07PWO Technical Writer Part-time Online
1611X07PWO Victimology Part-time Online
6200X02PWO Woodworking Techniques
(formerly Cabinetmaking Techniques)
Part-time On Campus
6284X07PWO Working with Dementia Clients - Multidiscipline Part-time Online
0772X02PWO Working with the Terminally Ill - Multidiscipline Part-time On Campus