Academic Success

Are you looking to improve your academic performance? This segment of the blog will have advice and workshop opportunities to help you with your academic experience at AC!

Winter is here: 27 reasons to start classes in January

With the winter semester beginning soon, now’s the time to unfreeze your future. Algonquin College is offering January registration for dozens of great programs—more than ever before—and there’s still time to apply! Below are just some your options and reasons to start in January!

1. We have a Tim Hortons AND Starbucks, to keep you warm (and caffeinated)!coffee

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Godfrey Joekumar – Climbing to the Summit of Success

Godfrey JoekumarAs a graduate of Algonquin College and most recently the founder of two active start-ups, Godfrey Joekumar has made his mark at the College and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Godfrey first completed his degree in biochemistry and biology at the University of Ottawa in 2011 before arriving at the College in 2013 where he graduated from computer programming with honours in 2016.
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IgniteAC, Algonquin’s entrepreneurial fire starter

ignite_acThe IgniteAC Centre is the one-stop shop for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset, who is looking for the resources to help get them started. With people like Algonquin College’s own Godfrey Joekumar walking away with not only a successful Algonquin club (Startup Launchpad), but also his own company (BookPort), the IgniteAC Centre has proven that they’re the place to be if you are an entrepreneur, or someone with hopes of becoming one. Below are the top five ways the IgniteAC Centre helps get entrepreneurs off the ground.

1. Mentorships

One of the most important components of becoming an entrepreneur, is surrounding yourself with skilled individuals to help guide you along your way. The IgniteAC Centre helps connect you mentors, from a variety of different industries, that can support you through your entrepreneurial journey, with mentors specializing in a variety of different departments. Need to perfect your sales pitch? They have, or can provide, an expert for that. Legal questions? Expert. General inquiries?  The IgniteAC Centre has, or can direct you to, the professionals available to ensure that your business questions can be effectively answered, with experts ranging from Algonquin staff, to industry professionals throughout Ottawa. Speaking of which… Continue reading