AC Experts Podcast #1 – Facebook Privacy


We are starting a new series – the AC Experts Podcast! We’ll be inviting experts from around the college to tackle tough issues that affect our community. Our inaugural topic: Facebook, privacy, and how it affects you!

If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product. But how comfortable should we be with being the ‘product’ of Facebook? The company keeps looking for new ways to build a better mousetrap and keep you coming back – why? The more time you spend on Facebook, the more they learn about you, and they can use that data to sell more (and better) ads!

Naturally, Facebook is not the only website pushing the privacy envelope in this way. Our question today: Is this level of tracking just creepy, or is it simply evidence of Facebook and various internet sites and services trying to deliver a better product for you (the user)? Our experts, Algonquin College professors David Hall (David_Hall on Twitter) and Susan Murphy (suzemuse on Twitter) weigh in for this edition of the AC Experts Show!

*Views expressed in these podcasts are the opinions of the participants, and are not endorsed by Algonquin College*