34 Stages of Exams

1. Exams never cross your mind. You’re exuding absolute confidence.

2. Someone mentions “exam”, the concept sounds vaguely familiar.

3. While now aware of them, you remain unconcerned.

4. Nevertheless, you decide to get an early jump on “studying”.

5. Your “studying” turns into concern. 

6. You quickly realize you were never really studying.

7. Though you hit the occasional “wall”.

8. Or “walls”.

9. You hold it together.

10. And eventually find your stride.

11. You calculate precisely what you need. Confidence rising.

12. Your memory fails you. Confidence wavering.

13. Caffeine.

14. More caffeine.

15. Eureka! You totally get something and can recite backwards if needed.

16. You’re ready to enter the exam room (with the support of friends).

17. One last glance at your study buddy before flipping over the exam.

18. You wait for the official go ahead from the proctor.

19. “You may now begin your exam.”

20. The exam is so unlike what you anticipated, you question whether you’re sitting at the right desk.

21. Cue motivational prompt to yourself.

22. Wait! This isn’t so bad, you know this!

23. “15 minutes left.”

24. You fight back the fear.

25. “Time’s up.”

26. You plan to come out like.

27. Upon comparing answers, it’s more like.

28. With the exam in the past, you’re overly critical of how you answered.

29. You patiently wait for the results.

30. Results are in and YOU DID AWESOME!

31. And even if you didn’t.

32. And you feel running away.

33. You’ll dust yourself off.

34. Because…

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