Why Did You Choose AC?

We asked our new students why they chose Algonquin College – from reputation, co-op placements, to the awesome profs and facilities, we got a lot of answers. Here’s just a few of the responses we received!

AC at Pembroke Campus

AC Alumni – Véronique Rivest and Soif Wine Bar


Did you know the world’s #2 sommelier is an AC grad? Not only that, her restaurant “Soif” is right across the bridge in Gatineau, and is currently nominated as Canada’s top new restaurant of 2015! In this video Véronique Rivest shares lessons learned, what AC taught her, and the challenges and joys of being an entrepreneur.

You can also help her win recognition as Canada’s Best New Restaurant for enRoute magazine here.


AC Bucket List #11 – Ikea Madness


Imagine all the Ottawa post-secondary schools meeting every year, competing in head-to-head competition to decide which school is the best, at a ruthless location known as…IKEA?

If that sounds silly to you, then you should join in the fun! IKEA Madness happens every year around mid-September, when all the schools face off in competition for bragging rights. We’ve always done well (no surprise there), and we tend to have the largest number of participants (it’s fun to drown out the others with AC chants). You’ll also get exclusive deals, prizes, games, and an evening full of activities.

The best part? It’s free! We even provide transportation to and from the college. Bring your friends, dress in green, and let’s show those other schools how it’s done.