The five best things about AC in the summer

It’s the time of year when the last place you probably want to be is on campus. If that’s the case we don’t entirely blame you, but what we will say is that you’re leaving more fun for the rest of us to have!

1. Food Truck Tuesdays

There’s no better way to sooth the summer school soul than to indulge in an amazing food truck during your lunch break. Every Tuesday outside of the Student Commons you can find a different and delicious treat! Check out the schedule 


2. The Horticulture Building

Looking for the perfect place to study and work on your tan? Look no further than the beautiful and lush garden around the Horticulture (M) building which is just across the way from the main C-building entrance. The garden has places to nap, places to study and places to enjoy the comforting sounds of falling water (just remember to wear sunscreen!) There are also plants for sale every Tuesday and Friday from 12-1 pm for as low as $1, bring your green thumbs and your loonies!


3. Hanging out in the C-Building Courtyard

Whether you’re quietly studying, throwing around the football, or playing a game of volleyball with your friends—the courtyard is the place to be during the summer at AC. Also, just around the corner is the Summer Carnival, which also takes place in the courtyard. It has everything from a dunk tank, to psychic readings, and even caricature portraits! 


4. Visiting Lady Elizabeth Quackerton III and her fam

And while you’re in the courtyard, there’s nothing quite like staring at a duck and her little ducklings to help you wind down after a long day. Share your photos of our extended family using #ACDucks


5. Taking your lunch outside for once

Yes we all know that eating your lunch at your desk or in your class is super efficient and will likely get you out of the building faster today. Take your time and smell the roses at one of the many great picnic areas here on campus, treat it like an adventure- there is always somewhere new to explore! One of the most-underrated spots is the Green Roof on the ACCE Building, it’s a nice quiet place with a fantastic view.



Have your own list of awesome things to do during the summer on campus? Let us know in the comment section!



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