DYNAMIX® Color of Communication

  • Summary: Effective communication leads to improved relationships, higher levels of trust, morale and productivity
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How You Will Benefit

Discover your unique communication style using the DYNAMIX® profile. Red, Yellow, Green and Blue communication preferences are measured using the easy-to-use DYNAMIX® Model.

Learn more about different communication styles and how to better adapt to others.

  • The DYNAMIX® profile can be used as a coaching tool and as part of a personal development plan to improve performance.
  • Discover how to give and receive more effective feedback to improve engagement and motivation.
  • Influencing others begins with effective communication skills and your ability to identify others’ preferences and adapt effectively.

Workshop Description

Despite the fact that we have more communication tools at our disposal, communication challenges are on the rise.

Poor communication leads to misunder-standings and can have a negative impact on morale and motivation. When people become too busy to communicate effectively, overall production and performance goes down.

Effective Communication Model

  • The most effective communication demonstrates Courage, Discipline, a desire to Grow and a Commitment to excellence.
  • The DYNAMIX® profile will measure your capabilities in these four areas as well as your communication preferences.

Effective Feedback Model

  • Learn how to give and receive more effective positive and constructive feedback in order to continually improve.

DYNAMIX® Key Indicators

DYNAMIX® examines key indicators of success based upon four dimensions of performance criteria.  We have observed that a delicate mixture of Courage, Growth, Commitment and Discipline drives superior individual performance.

Courage – The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain without paralyzing fear and the ability to move forward in spite of challenges.

Growth – The act or process of development; a gradual increase in stages towards maturity or completion, moving from a simple to a more complete stage.

Commitment – A pledge or a promise that can be relied upon, which, in turn, creates a deeply held sense of mutual obligation and expectation.

Discipline – Doing the things that are necessary even if such things are unpleasant or unpopular.

Communicating and Adapting to Others

  • The more aware you are of another person’s communication preferences, the more effective your communication will be.
  • Learn how to effectively listen, question and engage others in consultative dialogues.

Attend This Workshop If You Would Like To

  • Learn to identify others’ communication styles in order to better adapt and communicate with even the most difficult people.