DYNAMIX® Profile

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Summary: Identify your communication preferences and key indicators of success
  • Downloadable Version: DYNAMIX® Profile

You will complete an on-line evaluator that contains 27 evaluator frames with four choices per frame.

The first section of DYNAMIX® measures behavioral preferences based on your responses to a series of 3 different types of statements.

  1. Statements identifying degrees of preference for how you project into extraversion and introversion.
  2. Statements identifying degrees of preference for how you make decisions based upon your focus on tasks or relationships.

Statements identifying the methodology that you use to process information based upon having a vision for what things can become versus the measurement of how things currently are

The second section of DYNAMIX® examines key indicators of success based upon four dimensions of performance criteria:

  • Discipline
  • Courage
  • Growth
  • Commitment

DYANMIX® Key Indicators of Success

Courage – How do you exhibit courage in pursuit of your objectives? Courage is defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain without paralyzing fear and the ability to move forward in spite of challenges.

Growth – How prepared are you to grow and expand your scope?  Growth is defined as the act or process of development; a gradual increase in stages towards maturity or completion, moving from a simple to a more complete stage.

Commitment – How committed are you to the people that surround you? Commitment is defined as a pledge or a promise that can be relied upon, which, in turn, creates a deeply held sense of mutual obligation and expectation.

Discipline – How disciplined are you in what you do? Discipline is defined as doing the things that are necessary even if such things are unpleasant or unpopular.

Workshop Description

What are the factors that drive superior individual performance?

DYNAMIX® is a unique tool because it helps you evaluate this question. Most people want to elevate their level of self-awareness.  Applied self-awareness can lead to greater knowledge about the world around you.  This knowledge can guide you in developing a greater understanding of your personal preferences and behaviors.  The projection of your preferences is a major factor in determining the quality of the results you are able to achieve when you interact with other people.

Groundbreaking research by Carl G. Jung in the 20th century provided a psychological construct that forms the basis of our understanding related to psychological types.  This understanding allows us to categorize certain observable behaviors.  As a result, it is possible to explain behavior and the impact of behavior even if it is not always possible to understand all aspects of it.  The science of human behavior is inexact and dynamic.  DYNAMIX® is founded upon our 21st century understanding of the principles articulated by Dr. Jung.

Awareness of communication styles or psychological preferences alone will not drive superior performance.  Consequently, DYNAMIX® is a starting point on a journey of ongoing personal development.  There are a number of factors that contribute to superior individual performance.  These factors are independent of behavioral preferences and are not limited to specific psychological types.

Our objective in providing you with DYNAMIX® is to help you identify and understand certain preferences and behaviors.  This will allow you to make subtle adjustments to what you say and do. This allows you to make very deliberate changes in how you respond to changes in your environment or the people in your environment.  The ability to adjust one’s actions and reactions in an authentic and effective manner is a key to superior individual performance.

DYNAMIX® cannot and does not purport to assess any of the following things:

  • Interpersonal experiences that contribute to growth
  • Capabilities and competencies that have been developed
  • The consequence of life experience or education
  • Intelligence
  • Personal values
  • Cultural and environmental factors


Several of our key facilitators have been certified to deliver DYNAMIX products:

Rosemarie Bugnet, Sue Faubert, Bernard Hudon, Frank Rambeau, Sylvie Rimbach and Patricia Zito