DYNAMIX® Service Performance

  • Summary: Strengthen your team’s commitment to and accountability for customer satisfaction
  • Downloadable Version: Service Performance

How You Will Benefit

Satisfied customers become loyal repeat clients who feel you are taking the extra service step in order to exceed their expectations.

  • Service Performance is a powerful program designed to make each customer interaction special and unique.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Turn negative situations into positive experiences
  • Encourage customer feedback
  • Uncover customer needs
  • Exceed customer expectations by taking the extra service step
  • Manage angry customers
  • Take responsibility for service initiatives

Workshop Description

It is vital to understand the importance of excellent customer service and its impact on the growth of your organization. It is also essential to understand the specific needs of your staff and customers, using effective communication techniques such as active listening and positive feedback.

Understanding the chain of service and discovering ways to improve each stage of the process is also important. These skills must be developed for your organization to be successful.

Why This Matters

  • Ideally the program is introduced at the top of the organization so that ideas and strategies learned will be encouraged and reinforced throughout your teams to achieve your strategic goals.

Engaged Employees

  • Internal customers will feel better about their career, their organization and themselves. Morale will increase, leading to improved customer satisfaction. The results will be repeat business, loyal customers, happier staff and free word-of-mouth advertising.

Service Preferences Matter

  • We identify people’s service style using the DYNAMIX® profile. Leaders use this profile as a coaching tool to help people to improve their performance.

DYNAMIX® examines key indicators of success based upon four dimensions of performance criteria.  We have observed that a delicate mixture of Courage, Growth, Commitment and Discipline drives superior individual performance.

Courage – The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain without paralyzing fear and the ability to move forward in spite of challenges.

Growth – The act or process of development; a gradual increase in stages towards maturity or completion, moving from a simple to a more complete stage.

Commitment – A pledge or a promise that can be relied upon, which, in turn, creates a deeply held sense of mutual obligation and expectation.

Discipline – Doing the things that are necessary even if such things are unpleasant or unpopular.

Attend This Workshop If You Would Like To

  • Clearly understand and exceed your customers’ specific expectations
  • Handle complaints courteously and confidently so that dissatisfied customers will continue to be loyal clients
  • Adjust your service team’s attitudes to become even more positive.