Successful Small Group Facilitation

Have you ever been part of a problem-solving team that just never seemed to get anywhere? When team members have a high personal connection to the issue being discussed, it is often difficult for them to separate the process from the problem.

How You Will Benefit

In this 2-day workshop you’ll gain a clear understanding of your role as facilitator and how facilitation helps people improve the way they identify and solve problems, and makes decisions.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Effectively facilitate groups through meetings and problem-solving sessions.
  2. Prepare effective agendas and other documents that provide structure and clarity to your meetings or facilitated sessions.
  3. Manage difficult discussions and challenging behaviours demonstrated by group members.

Workshop Description

Day 1

The Role of Facilitator

  • Use your personal skills to improve the efficiency of the sessions that you lead
  • Key tasks in facilitating group processes
  • How to prepare effective agendas and other meeting preparation documents that provide structure and clarity
  • Determining who should attend and ensuring that they understand their role in the success of the meeting or session

Idea Generation

  • Learn how to design a facilitation process that allows the group to get its work done
  • Manage difficult discussions and challenging behaviours demonstrated by meeting participants
  • Help meeting participants generate ideas using a toolkit of creativity/ideas generation techniques

Day 2

Employing a Problem-Solving Methodology

  • Moving participants toward resolution
  • Using group discussion and consensus
  • Identifying task or actions to be completed, accountability
  • Assigning performance measures

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Skills Practice: You will leave the workshop with the tools and skills you will need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your facilitation.
  • You will have several opportunities to practice your skills in a safe and fun environment

Build Your Competency In

  • Leading and facilitating the group decision-making process
  • Task planning, decision analysis and consensus building

Attend This Workshop If You

  • Are a manager, supervisor or team leader
  • Are involved in program or project coordination
  • Are charged with the task of facilitating or leading groups



Sylvie is an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). In addition to several teaching certifications, Sylvie is certified in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University. She is a master facilitator and trainer and is a highly skilled advocate of learner-centered training. She has an endless thirst for innovation that translates into success for her clients. Sylvie has worked with organizations and their employees to identify roadblocks to performance and design solutions to resolve them.