Working Within a Multi-Generational Team

How You Will Benefit

In this 1-day workshop you will learn how to interact in a highly efficient way with each generational segment.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Better communicate with Gen-X and Gen-Y
  2. Understand what motivates each generation
  3. Lead a multi-generation team

Workshop Description

Understanding the Demographics

  • What is the generation mix in today’s workplace?
  • Impact of demographic trends
  • Defining generational groups such as Gen-X and Gen-Y, Veterans, and Boomers
  • How each generation equals different points-of-view on work ethic

Leading Multi-generational Team/Projects

  • M.E.E.T. The generational communication process
  • How to get engagement and buy-in
  • Tips to get team players from different generations to work together
  • Adapting communication style to connect
  • What each generations is looking for in
  1. A leader
  2. A colleague
  3. A team-mate
  4. The organization

Best Practices

  • Generation mix best practices
  • Organizational and individual action plans

The session is very interactive and dynamic. Team exercises and discussions are built in to develop the participant’s knowledge and skills quickly. The handbook is user friendly and acts as a great refresher.

Build Your Competency In

  • Generational uniqueness understanding
  • Coping with generational differences
  • Adapting and connecting with others

Attend This Workshop If You

  • Wish to improve your sphere of influence across generational groups
  • Manage teams, supervise others, or lead projects
  • Have departmental responsibilities over many staff



Bernard, bilingual, brings over 18 years of management experience from the private and public sectors. He has served as Director for non-profit organizations in the training and development area; and he has taught in Business Management programs at the college level.

Bernard holds the RPT Designation (Registered Professional Trainer), MBTI® Qualified Administrator, he is an accredited Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, and has his degree in Business Administration. He uses the latest multimedia tool, has a creative approach to adult learning, and applies his dynamic style and sense of humour to enhance skills development.