Academic Distress Counselling

Counselling Services can help you develop an academic plan to tackle issues such as academic stress, time management, and the long list of academic tasks that make up each course.

What is “academic distress counselling”?
This is a collaborative process between the counsellor and the client to help identify areas of difficulty and develop strategies to improve academic performance. Some of those difficulties might include balancing workload, negotiating group work, understanding academic expectations, meeting deadlines, or successfully completing tasks.

Sometimes your academic plan may involve connecting with staff and faculty on campus. Our goal is to support you in finding the most appropriate support.

When to ask for academic distress counselling:

  • You are struggling to master the expectations of your professors
  • You have questions about how to best balance school and personal commitments
  • You feel overwhelmed by assignments, tests, or exams
  • You want to talk to work with a professional who understands the stress of college

There are often solutions to academic struggles that begin to unfold when you ask for help.