Career Development and Program Choice Counselling

Let Counselling Services help you chart a path from your program to a career that works for you.

What is “career development and program choice counselling”?
Creating a career isn’t a choice; it’s a series of thousands of choices made throughout your education and work life. Career counselling can help you to chart a career direction that makes those choices a little clearer. Algonquin’s Counselling Services has expertly helped thousands of students develop a career path that works for them.

Why work with a counsellor to develop a career path?
Algonquin’s counselling team is a group of professionals trained in the art of helping students develop a workable career plan. We can help you if you are:

  • Questioning your program choice
  • Uncertain about your career goals
  • In jeopardy of failing your program
  • Thinking about switching programs
  • Unsure which program will lead to your dream career

What is a “career assessment”?
There are hundreds of questionnaires and tests designed to help users identify suitable career options. Some are good; some are not so good. Typically, these tools try to link you to occupations that match your interests, values, or personality type. Ideally, a career “assessment” includes several tools that tap into several aspects of your personality and interests to produce an accurate picture of your career preferences based on all of these attributes. This process usually unfolds over three or four meetings with a counsellor. The members of Algonquin’s Counselling Services team are trained to choose the best career assessment tools to meet your needs and help you make effective use of the results. Counselling Services offers career assessment free of charge.

Who is eligible for career counselling services?
Full career counselling services are available only to students who have been enrolled in a course of 24 hours or more within the previous four months. A 30-minute information session with a career advisor is available to individuals who are considering enrolling in a program or course at Algonquin College and would like assistance selecting a suitable option.