Workshops and Certifications

Counselling Services is proud to offer a series of workshops for both students and employees. These workshops help participants develop knowledge and skills related to academic performance, career development, and mental health.

In-Class Workshops for Students

Faculty can arrange to have a counsellor come to their classroom and present one of our prepared workshops. Please note: faculty are expected to remain in the classroom during the workshops. Contact Mary-Ann Hansen with Counselling Services at ext. 2536 or to request a workshop.

Forming Healthy Teams:

This workshop introduces team-based learning and provides an outline for group members to become acquainted with one another’s work styles, skills, abilities, and challenges. Comparison is drawn between groups and teams to highlight the stages of team development. An activity on individual personality styles is conducted to highlight the diversity of group members, while assisting teams to move towards effective working relationships and the achievement of team objectives. Finally, the value of teamwork is relayed as a powerful skill to be mastered for employment opportunities and also personal development.

Maintaining Healthy Teams:

This workshop explores the core beliefs around team conflict and how it can actually be fruitful and productive. This presentation highlights that the strategies used to resolve the conflict are what determines whether it is functional or dysfunctional. Conflict management styles are discussed to provide insight into one’s own personal conflict style, which impacts working relationships and goal achievement on teams. Strategies for effective communication are accompanied with activities to help develop self awareness, proper communication skills, and a structure for having conflict. This workshop employs exercises to help students apply these skills in a practical context.

The Career Planning Starter Kit:

This workshop introduces the notion of “career” and the role it plays our lives. Assessing aspects of self (values, abilities, goals, interests, and personality) in making effective career decisions is emphasized in the process of career selection. These facets are explored through self reflection and quizzes to create a clearer vision of one’s career options. Creative job creation and exploration is discussed, while traditional occupations are presented through the assistance of Career Cruising; an online career resource for students. Finally, goal setting and personal responsibility for creating one’s future is emphasized.

Making Your Mark through Study Skills and Time Management:

This workshop discusses the major study skills required to achieve college success. Time management is presented with emphasis on organizing study time. Study skills, including note taking, memory tips, and concentration tips are reviewed and accompanied with engaging activities to create memory tools. Students identify their learning style and appropriate tools to use. Finally, procrastination strategies are discussed. Students also receive the study booklet How to Get Good Grades at College or University.

Test Taking Skills and Anxiety – “How to Ace that Test!”:

This teaches the best-known strategies for writing tests, including study preparation and other tips and tricks. Each testing style (i.e. multiple choice, open book, true or false, short answer, math, and essay) is examined along with specific techniques that may help improve scores. Test anxiety and strategies to overcome it are explored. “How to Ace that Test” emphasizes personal responsibility for mastering the art of test writing via a systematic approach.

Beating Procrastination and Doing it Now:

Based on the work of Dr. Linda Sapadin, author of It’s About Time!, this workshop outlines the six major styles of procrastination, and helps students determine their own. After discussion on what is really going on, concrete strategies geared to each of the six types are offered as helpful tips for students to take away with them.

The Joy of Stress – Managing the Stress in Your Life:

This workshop elaborates on the nature of stress and its mind-body connection. The motivation for and consequences of working under pressure are presented, and the effects of stress are emphasized by a video of Dane Cook, a popular comedian. Positive coping strategies are examined to help students create a plan for immunizing themselves against symptoms of stress. Many students have said that the workshop in and of itself was a stress reliever.

Communication Skills – What are You Saying?:

The five major levels of communication are discussed along with obstacles frequently encountered. The focus is on interpersonal communication; importance of effective communication leads into a discussion of a practical six-step guide to effective communication. The workshop ends with a discussion on verbal and non-verbal communication within a multi-cultural context.

Leadership and Creativity – Releasing Your Creative Beast:

This workshop discusses the nature of leadership and the role leaders play in groups. The necessity for creativity in leadership as a means of problem solving leads into a variety of creative thinking exercises. Primary attention is devoted to De Bono’s 6 Hats, a structured format for creative problem solving, and groups take part in a humorous yet educative activity to employ the technique.

Certification Workshops for Employees and Student Leaders

Employees and student leaders can arrange to have a workshops delivered to their department or group. Please note: faculty are expected to remain in the classroom during in-class workshops.

SafeTALK Suicide Awareness Workshop

This is a 3-hour workshop lead by a member of Counselling Services who is certified as a SafeTALK facilitator. This training helps participants to recognize when an individual may be considering suicide and how to connect them to support services to keep them safe. Learn more about SafeTALK at

Mental Health First Aid

This is a 2-day workshop lead by a member of Counselling Services who is certified as a Mental Health First Aid facilitator. This workshop provides participants with signs and symptoms of the most common mental health disorders and how to provide mental health first aid with someone who is exhibiting those symptoms. Learn more about Mental Health First Aid at

Positive Space Workshops

To learn more about the Positive Space Program consider participating in a 3 hour information session that will help you build on and apply practical skills and knowledge to counter homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism in college settings. The session provides and introduction to LGBTQ culture, covers common myths and terms, illustrates the important role of an ally, and gives you a chance to discuss case studies in an open, respectful environment. These sessions will also provide you with resources and materials so that you can act as a Positive Space resource person.