Referring Students to Services

Counselling Services provides brief, supportive counselling for students enrolled in at least one course of 24 or more instruction hours at Algonquin.

Counselling Services is staffed with a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals. Services are offered no cost to students. Appointments are available daily and easy to book.

Note: Counselling is a confidential process. Although we can accept information from Algonquin employees interested in helping a student get the support they deserve, counsellors cannot disclose the information disclosed by the student during sessions. Counselling Services cannot even disclose if a student has been attending counselling sessions. Confidentiality is a key element in counselling’s efficacy.

Our team of professionals are available to provide students with expert support for common issues, such as:

Services that we cannot provide include:

  • Provide 24/7 support for students experiencing a mental health crisis (for a list of Crisis Support Resources click here)
  • Psychological or psychiatric assessment (only a qualified doctor can “diagnose” a mental health disorder)
  • Treat a severe and persistent mental illness
  • Treat alcohol abuse, substance use, or an addiction
  • Treat an eating disorder
  • Provide long term psychotherapy

A counsellor can help students connect with services for these issues.