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About Curriculum Services

Algonquin College views the quality of curriculum as paramount to the student’s educational experience and success. Within the College, Academic Development is responsible for curriculum, specifically through the Curriculum Services department. Prior to the evolution of Curriculum Services, the College had two distinct areas focused on curriculum. These were Curriculum Support Services (CSS), which was responsible for supporting the development of new programs and the maintenance of existing programs as well as Curriculum Implementation Services (CIS), which was responsible for implementing new programs within the College. In 2013, these two departments merged into a single end-to-end service, known as Curriculum Services. Today, Curriculum Services’ mission includes supporting a variety of curriculum initiatives across the College.


Provide curriculum leadership and support for program and course development, implementation, assessment, and revision



  • Be the point of contact for faculty, coordinators and chairs within an academic portfolio related to curriculum consulting.
  • Guide faculty members and various stakeholders through the Program Development Process.
  • Support faculty with curriculum mapping.


  • Be the point of contact for faculty, coordinators and chairs within an academic department related to curriculum consulting.
  • Assist faculty to write effective course outlines and course section information documents that support vocational learning outcomes, essential employability skills and course learning requirements.
  • Support programs and faculty to implement quality courses that effectively integrate technology.
  • Recommend and provide resources and tools to support curriculum development, teaching practice and technology integration.
  • Guide faculty to apply best practices and institutional guidelines to the design, development and delivery of courses in various learning environments such as face-to-face, hybrid, and online.


  • Support the College’s mandate to deliver quality programs, courses and an engaging learning experience for students.
  • Support faculty, coordinators and stakeholders through curriculum-related activities within the PQR Process.
  • Provide faculty with training and coaching related to program modifications resulting from annual curriculum reviews and Program Quality Review (PQR).


  • Build institutional capacity in all stages of curriculum development and implementation through coaching, professional development and sharing support tools and materials.
  • Deliver professional development workshops related to curriculum in collaboration with stakeholders across the college.
  • Collaborate with Algonquin departments and/or external partners to develop resources to support effective curriculum development and implementation.