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Our Team

CS Representative Phone Email
Harpreet Singh, Academic Manager, Curriculum Services ext. 6313 singhsh
Hilary Welsh, Support Officer, Curriculum Services ext. 5448 welshh
Renay Dixon, Transfer Student Coordinator ext. 5057 dixonr
Jaymie Trubiano,  Educational Technology Integration Specialist ext. 7019 trubiaj
Nicholas Robertson, Educational Technology Integration Specialist ext. 5830 robertn
Ana Maria Zurita Delfin, Educational Technology Support Specialist ext. 7051 zuritaa
Albert Dudley, Curriculum Consultant ext. 7331 dudleya
Stacey-Ann Morris, Curriculum Consultant/Hybrid and Online Quality Assurance Standards (HOQAS) Coordinator ext. 2815 morriss
Stephen Murphy, Curriculum Consultant ext. 7396 murphys1
Rebecca WakelinCurriculum Consultant ext. 6200 wakelir
Mark Keedwell, Curriculum Consultant ext. 2246 keedwem
Omar Ramroop, Curriculum Consultant ext. 6464 ramrooo
Lynn CummingsCurriculum Consultant cumminl
Kilmeny West, Curriculum Consultant ext. 6549 westk

Curriculum Consultant by School

Each School at the College has an assigned Curriculum Consultant. Use the following menu to find your School’s Curriculum Consultant.

Advanced Technology

Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE)

Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley (Pembroke)

Jaki Purdy
ext. 2627


Career & Academic Access Centre

Centre for Continuing & Online Learning (CCOL)

Janice Sargant
ext. 7316

John Dallas
ext. 2517

General Arts & Science

General Education Courses

Health & Community Studies

Heritage Institute (Perth)

Hospitality & Tourism

Kilmeny West
ext. 6549

Language Institute

Media & Design

Police & Public Safety Institute