It All Adds Up Campaign

The It All Adds Up is a campaign was created to help reduce the stress post-secondary students often feel about their future careers. Students are encouraged to think of the many skills and experiences they do not always give themselves full credit for. The goal is to help students feel more confident about their connections to career and job opportunities by reflecting on their activities and interests inside and outside the classroom

This successful campaign ran from November 7-10, 2016, at various locations around the Ottawa campus. The booth was staffed by Employment Officers and Counsellors from Algonquin who chatted with students to help them recognize the positive things they’re already doing to build skills for their careers – work, volunteerism, extra-curricular activities, school work – and how “it all adds up.”

You can follow the It All Adds Up campaign on Twitter through @AlgonquinSS, using the hashtags #ItAllAddsUp and #ACAddsUp.