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Name Title Campus Expertise Contact Us
Prescott, Adam W.
Professor, Radiation Safety Pembroke Physics, Mathematics, Photonics, Radiation Detection Instrument Engineering, Radiation Protection, Health Physics Email Adam
613-735-4700 ext 2644
Hust, Carmen
Coordinator, Practical Nursing to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Academic Pathway Program Ottawa Nursing, Mental Health, Medical, Surgery, Home Health Email Carmen
613-727-4723 ext 7263
Hewett, Chris

Professor, Architectural Technology Ottawa Construction, Architecture, Auto CAD, Eco Design, Green Architecture, Sustainable Construction, Computer Technology, Revit, Building Science, Commercial Construction Email Chris
613-727-4723 ext 5889
Mills, Colin

Coordinator, Music Industry Arts Ottawa Music Business, Music Industry, Music Marketing, Music Branding, Concert Promotion, Festivals, Recording Studios, Music Producers, Record Companies, Music Publishing, Music Copyright, Music Education, Music Schools, Music Managers, Booking Agents Email Colin
613-727-4723 ext 2997
Kavanagh, KarenKaren1
Coordinator, Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Ottawa Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Advertising, Public Relations Email Karen
613-727-4723 ext 5818
Tarnowski, Michael

Professor, Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Ottawa Hotel Operations, Managerial Accounting, Revenue Management, Hospitality, Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants, Business Analysis Email Mike
613-727-4723 ext 5147
Ouellette, Patrick

Coordinator, Information and Communications Technology Security Programs Ottawa IT/IS Security Analysis, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Digital Forensics, Wired/Wireless Networking Design, Wired/Wireless Networking Implementation, Wired/Wireless Networking Testing, Wired/Wireless Networking Validation Email Pat
613-727-4723 ext 5904
Ouellette, Sandy

Professor, Event Management Ottawa Communications, Marketing, Event Management, Event Planning Email Sandy
613-727-4723 ext 7258
Warrick, Scott

Chef and Program Coordinator, Culinary Arts Ottawa Chef, Culinary, Food Service, Food Stylist, Kitchen Management, Restaurant Management, Hospitality Email Scott
613-727-4723 ext 5223
Heckbert, Stephen

Professor, Public Relations program Ottawa Social Media, Communications, Public Relations, Government Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Reputation Management, Diversity in Communications, Gender Communications Email Stephen
613-727-4723 ext 5067
Farrell, Curtis

Professor, Paramedics and Advanced Care Ottawa Pre-hospital and Emergency Medicine, Emergency Management, Incident Command, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response Email Curtis
613-727-4723 ext 2452
Hahn, ChrisChris-Hahn Dean, Perth Campus Perth Apprenticeships, Skilled trades, Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence Email Chris
613-727-4723 ext 2281
Elliott, ChristopherChris Elliott
Professor, School of Advanced Technology Ottawa Computer Science, Web Programming, Web Application Development, Data Structures, Embedded Systems, Video Games, Gamification, Desktop Software Development, Mobile App Development, Systems Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Cloud Services, Systems Integration, Project Management, Agile Project Management, SCRUM, Applied Research Email Chris
613-727-4723 ext 6563
McCann, JulieJulie-McCann_01 Professor, Journalism Ottawa Journalism, Magazines, Publishing, Editorial Development, Editing, Narrative Techniques Email Julie
613-727-4723 ext 5183
Vitaliotis, Antonios Coordinator, Bartending Ottawa Bartending, Mixology, Restaurant Management, Hospitality Email Antonios
613-727-4723 ext 5457
Pihlainen, Dan Coordinator, Radio Broadcasting Ottawa Radio, News, Journalism, Broadcasting Email Dan
613-727-4723 ext 5560
Reeves, Jill Professor, Police Foundations Ottawa Political Science, Ethical Reasoning, Academic Advising, Volunteer Management Email Jill
613-727-4723 ext 5295
Roots, Lisa Professor, Police and Public Safety Institute Ottawa Counselling, Penology, Criminology, Sociology, Psychology, Addiction Intervention, Criminal Justice System Email Lisa
613-727-4723 ext 7069
Trueman, Rebecca Chair, Applied Science and Environmental Technology Ottawa Biology, Environmental Remediation, Cleantech, Biodiversity, Agriculture, Energy Management, Post-Secondary Education, Entrepreneur Email Rebecca
613-727-4723 ext 5400
Jarvis, Adam Professor, Interactive Media and Design Ottawa Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Lingo), digital publishing, print and digital layout, UX design and development, Interactive Multimedia Applications, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max, Flash, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign Email Adam
613-727-4723 ext 2091
Roebuck, Benjamin Coordinator, Victimology Ottawa Victimology, Youth Homelessness, Youth Justice, Resilience, Victim’s Rights, Mental Health First Aid Email Ben
613-727-4723 ext 6328
Samhaber, Dr. Carol Ann Acting Chair, Marketing and Management Studies Ottawa Employee recruitment and selection, Training and Development, Talent Management, Strategic human resources planning Email Carol Ann
613-727-4723 ext 5260
Parker, Jonathan Professor, General Arts and Science Ottawa Canadian Politics, International Relations, Law, Legislation Email Jon
613-727-4723 ext 7081
Hunter, Neil Coordinator, Animation Ottawa Traditional Animation, Computer Animation (Harmony, Maya), Storyboarding, Concept Design Email Neil
613-727-4723 ext 5821
Doré, Chris Professor, School of Business Ottawa Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Professional Selling/Business Development, International Business, Minimalism, Investor Relations, Communications, Wealth Management, Financial Tips, Public Speaking Email Chris
613-727-4723 ext 2091
Mellon, Dan Professor, Radio Broadcasting Ottawa Radio Broadcasting, Audio Production Email Dan
613-727-4723 ext 5523
Dowell, Cheryl Professor, Business Management and Entrepreneurship Ottawa Business, AC Market, Entrepreneurship, International Email Cheryl
613-727-4723 ext 7438
Bawden, Sean Professor, Paralegal program Ottawa Labour Law, Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Human Rights, Small Claims Court Email Sean
Filiatrault, Renée Coordinator, Public Relations program Ottawa Public Relations, Crisis Communications, Social Media, Government Communications Currently away from the College
Murphy, Susan
Professor, Mobile and Social Media Management Ottawa Social Media, Content Development, Marketing, Public Speaking, Video Editing, Videography, Television Production, Video Production, Web Development, Web Design, Corporate Communications, Adult Education, Training. Email Sue
Hall, David
Professor, Public Relations Ottawa Social Media, Public Relations, Communications, Business Development, Management, Event Management, Stakeholder Relations, Marketing, Community Engagement, Writing, Media Relations, Blogging, Team Building, Teaching, Leadership Email Dave
613-727-4723 ext. 5930
Hagemeyer, Richard
Professor, Computer Studies Ottawa Social Media, Public Relations, Communications, Business Development, Management, Event Management, Stakeholder Relations, Marketing, Community Engagement, Writing, Media Relations, Blogging, Team Building, Teaching, Leadership Email Richard
613-727-4723 ext. 5974
Moseley-Williams, Bradley
Professor, Public Relations Ottawa Social Media, Public Relations, Communications, Event Management, Stakeholder Relations, Marketing, Media Relations Email Bradley
613-727-4723 ext. 7566
Van Dusen, Jayne
Coordinator, Brand Management Ottawa Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Strategy Email Jayne
613-727-4723 ext. 5530
Tangorra, Francesco
Coordinator, Construction Engineering/Civil Engineering Ottawa Failure Analysis, Collapse Investigation, Building Code Compliance Review, Structural Damage Assessment Email Francesco
613-727-4723 ext. 5983
Briginshaw, Richard
Coordinator, Green Architecture Ottawa Green Architecture, Sustainability, Environment, Building Design Email Richard
613-727-4723 ext. 5146