Photo of Duane McNairThe Finance and Administration Area is responsible for many of the services necessary to support the core mandate of the College, which is to provide the best learning opportunities possible for our students.

From financial reporting and budgeting systems to information technology services; ancillary services, such as the student Residence, food outlets, publishing services, conference services, books and computer store, parking services; as well as providing clean, safe buildings, we are here to help students achieve a positive Algonquin experience.

Please contact our service areas for the information you require.

Duane McNair
Vice President, Finance and Administration

Our Quality Mission is…

“To ensure the provision of sustainable facilities and resources that supports the College Vision.”

When one considers what attracts and keeps customers be they students, clients or others, quality is in the end what finally counts. It may be quality of program, service, facility or other such factors but inevitably, it is a question of quality.

Our Vision is…

Algonquin College will be the leading Canadian College delivering career-focused quality education supported by client-centered service and technology.

Our Vision

We are located in Room C548,
Woodroffe Campus.
Tel: (613) 727-4723 ext. 7704
Fax:  (613) 727- 7674