Estimated Costs

Estimate your college and living expenses

The cost of your college education will vary depending on your chosen program of study, lifestyle, and other considerations.

Example of the average college expenses for a first-year student:

Tuition and College Fees    $2,900
Incidental Fees, Books and Supplies    $1,200
Total Fees $4,100
Average estimated living expenses  
Accommodations( Residence or apartment ) $7,210
Meal Plan   $2,000
Residence Security Deposit       $500
Utilities (hydro,heat, water & cable)  $2,392
Phone (including cell and long-distance)  $1,056
Food (if not on a meal plan)      $2,200
Clothing    $800
(including travel, parking, and gas) 
Miscellaneous $1,150
Total of Living Expense    

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